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Look at the McCurves!

As one of the most well known and successful franchising fast food restaurant around the world, I believe a majority of us bound to visit McDonald’s at least once in their lifetime… ^_^

Out of a sudden urge, I visited the nearest McD during lunch time and acquired this fine piece of Coca Cola Contour Glass… ^_^ There are 7 different colours in total to choose from, but only one of the 7 colours (Perky Pink, Cool Blue, Fortune Green, Iconic Grey, Royal Purple, fresh Lime, Sparkly clear) is made available once the previous colour goes outta stock, in that order…

I got a Cool Blue… But I prefer Perky Pink instead… D:

To be eligible for this freebie, one will need to buy a large McValue set + a cuppa Sundae Ice Cream… Note that the large size of the McValue meal on my island is equivalent to what you call Medium Size at other places around the globe (Singapore for example…)…

So what if my people have small appetite? X3

What are the freebie promotions regularly held in McD’s at your place? :3


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