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GN-0-Jou Trans-Am Burst Mode

Last week I went to an electronic store to obtain several LEDs, intending to install Twin GN Drives into Ojou, further upgrading her eyes… And as a certain comrade commented, sounds as if I’m about to install silicon padding onto Ojou… ^^;  

Well actually, the reason for the further upgrade is because of the piercing ray of that tiny LED on 00-Raiser’s Light Unit cannot fully cover both of Ojou’s eyes, making one side dim while the other bright whenever the umblilical cord is moved around… ^^;

I’ve got myself two types of chibi LEDs, green and yellowish white, a couple of them each… Each of them costs me RM 1…

Time to remove Ojou’s current GN Drive… ^_^


For your information, the current drive is a 2nd Revise, as I’ve reinforced the wirings at the end using a single piece of clear extra Gunpla parts. However, it cannot firmly hold onto the LED due to the short conectors on the LED…

Initial experimentations failed miserably due to the lack of power output… It seems the chibi LEDs couldn’t generate enough GN particles to my liking, especially the yellowish white ones… >,< Project 00-Jou was scrapped… -_-


The next day, I went to another store just in the vicinity, obtaining a single super bright LED in greenish blue hue, which is larger in size and surprisingly costs only RM 0.80… 0_0 Tests show satisfactory results, thus the installation of this new Super GN Drive has been approved… ^_^


Works great, now Ojou has greenish blue eyes instead of the earlier bluish green… ~_^


GN-0-Jou, powering up~!


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