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Shocked Therapy

And I was about to forget this incident… ^^;


Just a few hours ago I received this rather surprising email from Otacute… As I am reading the contents I was like 0_0 and @_@… This is the email in mind…

Dear yunamon (Replaced from my real name),

I am sending this E-mail because the other day, one of our workers saw your blog and we felt terrible about what happened to your order. We are responsible for all causes because if we did not send your order with a beer cardboard, the custom did not open the box for inspection.

We all understand that why you would not shop with us any more. However, since it was our 100% fault, we would like to make it up to you, if

If it is not being rude to you, we would like to ask you to receive our one of figmas listed below. This is a just meaning of we are sorry.

1) figma Takamachi Nanoha Barrier Jacket Ver.
2) figma Hiiragi Kagami Winter School Uniform ver.
3) Figma Asakura Ryoko School Uniform Ver.
4) Figma Ryomou Shimei
5) Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS figma Signum Knight Ver.
6) Figma Izumi Konata Summer School Uniform ver.

Please accept our apology, and we are so sorry about the shipping box.

We highly value our customers and listen to our customers’ opinion to improve our service quality. So if you have any concerns about Otacute(Brand new website), we are happy to listen to it.

Once again, we are sorry about that, and we will make sure that it will not happen to anyone again. And I would personally like to apologize for that incident as a figure collector.

The Otacute team

Engrish aside, this is what I’ve managed to catch from reading the email: Otacute is very sorry about the beer package and would like to offer one of the mentioned Figma as a token of apology. :3

I’m guessing this line is the reason they reacted… ^^;

“Harsh handling of my country’s postal service x Otacute’s choice of packaging… Sake!? X3 No more orders from you from now on, Otacute!”

Well Otacute… Your apology is duly accepted…

In truth I don’t really mind of the damage at all and that line was intended as a joke. But perhaps your professionalism dictates your responsibility to apologise to me and amending strained relationship between you and your customers…

For this I bow before thee, in honour for the spirit of your utmost care for your customers… It’s really rare to see such admirable after sales customer care any longer in these times…

Amongst the Figma offered, I had my eyes on Signum… So she’ll be the bridge to close the gap between us… ^_^ Rest assure I will visit your online store again in the future if you have something I want and my budget permits… ^^;

Me aside, several other comrades also faced the same beer package problem as well… And this is our advice to you: invest in a more reliable and thicker danbooru, similar to that of Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search… ^_^

Another note, please do not mind if I ask you this: a certain blog-reading worker you’ve mentioned before… Is he/she a regular in or Twitter? This is perhaps the most possible areas that have links to my blog or else he/she wouldn’t have taken notice of my post on the sake incident… ^^;


One response

  1. Guillaume

    Hi,Just wanted to tell you that they use beer packages (or other funny danbooru) to go through the customs without being inspected ^^It is not an economical reason :)Cheers

    8th April, 2010 at 17:26

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