Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Ojou’s busy night

Whoa! It’s already dark times here… Seems like night falls faster than before lately… Something gotta do with living within the Northern half of the globe I guess… :3

Owner should be home in a while… Better get to work…

It’s very dark in here… Cannot see very clearly…

*Igniting NV (Night Vision) Drive…*

*Floats around…* Now where’s that switch?

Oh! There you are… *Puchitto desu wa~!*

*Lights blaring…* Now that’s better… Wait… What’s this underneath my feet?

Looks suspicious—You there~! Cut this thing loose!

Aye aye, Ma’am!


*Laughs maniacally…* ^^;

*Doki, doki! Waku, waku~!*

"Moe te Nani~?"

Looks like some sort of book but it sure looks strange… Moe? Wait! Is that a Zettai Ryouiki I see there!? ~_^

It’s here sooner than I expected! Ordered this from Amazon about a dozen days ago, using standard international shipping which supposedly will take about a month to arrive… 0_0 It’s really a pleasant surprise that it reached me in such a short time frame… ^_^

Had a rough go at the contents of the book and I must say I’m impressed with the documented terms… Gakushu? Cheki? Koma? Shushuhen? You can find all their meanings by several flips of the page! XD

"You can’t possibly be called an ‘Otaku’ without this book." Nice quote Danny~! :D On another hand, nice Dragon Ball cosplay by the author as well… X3

I’ve forgotten of the name of this one particular comrade… Whoever you are, a humongous Arigatou for linking me to the Amazon store… ^_^ And congrates to all at who’ve finally received their very own Ojou!

Well… off to work… Two days holidays next Monday and Tuesday whooopie~!


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