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Green Light for Ojou Upgrade

Had been hunting for upgrade kits for Ojou yesterday after work but to no avail as most electronic supply stores don’t have those compact button battery pack available… Eventually I gave up and headed straight back to my den… ^^;

Inspiration came later that same night when I suddenly remembered my comments from months ago in in which I suggested the possible usage of Light Units from Gunpla kits to light up Ojou’s eyes…

Unhooking my extra Light Unit from my 1/100 00-Raiser, which I purchased through HLJ as Gunpla parts, I’ve managed to slightly modify it to work for the Ojou… :D

Removing the original LED from its resting place, I extended the wirings using scavenged soundcard jack wire…

The minuscule work onto the wiring is tedious, especially during the phase of removing its rubber coating to reveal the shiny wires, requiring steady fingers with the help of a pair of pointy tweezers…

Testing the wiring couplings… Success…

Further reinforcement using bits of the extras left behind from the massacre of the soundcard jack wire… ^^;

Green light for Ojou Lighting Version! :3

And now to properly mount the Light Unit onto Ojou’s bare back… ^_^

From my many years of Gunpla-ing, a lot of excess parts from various kits pile up indefinitely.

From those extras I found and used some polycaps to form the base of the backpack that will connect to the Light Unit…

The peg will go into Ojou’s hole while the transparent grabby thingie will hold onto the wire of the Light Unit… :D

Due to the nature of the connecting pieces, I can readjust/remove the backpack whenever/however I want… :D

It’s alive! Portable Lighting Unit in the works! ~_^

An overview of the backpack at a couple of angles…

Hyyyaaaaa~! Chouyuusha Ojou sanjou~! :D

Special credits to comrade Kodomut for dragging us to the Dark Side… ^^;

A big thanks to him as well for his Lighting up Drossel Trilogy… 0_0


6 responses

  1. Jeevan

    ..:jaws drop: … awesome ness!!!

    13th September, 2009 at 05:50

  2. yunamon

    *reposition Jeevan’s dropped jaws* ^_^

    13th September, 2009 at 06:27

  3. Zh3uS Leonheart

    GN DORAIBU HATSUDO! *Sparkling green particles*

    13th September, 2009 at 15:31

  4. yunamon

    *Innovating other Figmas for the upcoming Figma x Nendo War…*

    14th September, 2009 at 23:12

  5. Corbonzo Designs

    What anime is this figure from? I’d like to watch it. Also, very nice job, I might use to light the eye of a Efreet Custom….

    28th November, 2012 at 12:19

    • She’s Drossel from Disney’s Fireball mini series…

      28th November, 2012 at 12:34

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