Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

End of Crusade!

And the Crusade reached an end with the Holy Ojou heading towards my loft… ^o^

GJ Otacute! In less than two days, I’ve received an email indicating that my own Ojou is now on her way to her new home… :D Yatta~!

Meanwhile, my trio of Saddle Stands finally arrived at my doorsteps… Magnificent stand they are, allowing my daughters to do some dynamic poses without them toppling over… :D

Got my Yui wayyyy before you all… XD

Defying gravity!

Posing Horo-chan’s shippo is no problemo now!! :3

What’s this? Giant brown Tofu!? Domo-kun!?




Chomp Nom Nom! Poor Mikkumiku lost her hand… ^^;


Moral of the story: Do not poke chompy sentient beings… :P


Domo-kun comes with a cool pair of shades as well… Mikkumiku looks in envy… X3

Unfortunately as a plushie keychain, Domo-kun need the aid of Mikkumiku’s stand to help him stay upright…

Or He’ll land flat on his face… x_x

And finally a teaser… X3 Coming sooner than you think… >:3


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