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Ojou no Tame ni no Seisen

And the Crusade to acquire a piece of Ojou continues… ^^;

When I read an email sent by Angolz this evening, I was in despair! My jinxed luck surfaced yet again!

After waiting for a quad of days in waku waku-ness over the shipment of
my own Ojou, only now they informed me over their apparent outta
stock… Furthermore they have charged my card for the transaction, the blasphemy!

Eventho they’ve stated that they’ll return the charged amount back to
my card, I’ll have to keep watch over my account just in case they
failed to do so… >,<

It seems comrade Morgan Lamia also faced the same situation as I am. As I’m about to give up, Morgan-san mentioned of Drossel Sighting posted by Comrade Veloxiraptor earlier today. Immediately, both of us headed straight to the mentioned
site called Otacute to place our order… Hopefully this time we’ll
finally obtain what we longed for, made (in?)famous by comrade
Kodomut… ^^;

On another note, I’ve finally decided to get the tentacle trio, eventho I’m not fond of tentacles at all… ^^; The Tako Luka (A parody of Megurine Luka of Vocaloid) in a jar keychains by GSC are too cute to resist, which makes me wonder when will Nendo Luka ever release… I’m definitely getting her… ^_^

These little tentacles will definitely be featured extensively in my future piccies and parody manga… :3


2 responses

  1. Zh3uS Leonheart

    Tako Tako Ruka, Tako Tako Ruka! ^^; nice!!

    3rd September, 2009 at 12:30

  2. yunamon

    Must… not resist… Cuteness… Gah!!!! Tentacles!!!

    4th September, 2009 at 00:15

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