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All-in-One Tactical Arms

Several piccies on the coloured prototype of the upcoming MG kit shown during the recent Chara Hobby 2009…

From the looks of it, Action base 2 will be included along with the MG kit as it doesn’t seem Blue Frame may be strong enough to carry the huge Buster Sword on its own… ^^;

And it seems there’ll also be some sort of SEED VS Astray Backpack Unit Special Campaign, where you’ll get extra parts (a quad of them for the matter…) that allows you to attach backpacks from other kits onto Blue Frame for example Buster unit from 1/100 Hail Buster…

This is pretty much similar to that of the extra part on MG Impulse that allows it to dock with Striker packs on Strike variations… ^_^

The upgraded Tactical Arms II can also be separated to several other weaponry besides its usual Buster Sword form and Gatling form… It is said the blades on Tactical Arms II can be attached to Blue Frame’s arms as Beam Blades much like Mirage Frame’s… ^_^ 

The trick is, this campaign applies only to the first release much like PG Red Frame’s Special Custom Set, and for the first time this is limited only to international customers, which means Japanese comrades won’t have their hands on the items this time around… o,0

On another note… PG 00-Raiser will also come with a special first release kit… Transparent parts similar to the Special Custom Set of PG Red Frame’s?


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