Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Black History

sudden nostalgia prompts me to showcase some of my older GunPla kits
from years ago, during my ancient black and white historical amateurism
on such fine specimens… >,<

Nevertheless, it’s a great
pleasure indulging in such a hobby, as I can really appreciate all my
hard works as I spent sweats and bloods on the runners instead of
playing the ready-made figures and such around like ragdolls… I dare not even play with my
artwork as for almost all the time they sit in my glass cabinet for
display purposes… X3

may notice totally n00b works on various Mobile Suits, as my ever
changing employment of various techniques experimenting with GunPla
kits on my early Otaku days… ^^;

Anyways, enjoy my once amateurish (I dare
not say I’m a top-notch professional photographer as of today but…
XD) photo shooting skills on my Master Grade kits… ^_^ Side note: I
have close to a dozen MG kits have yet to be photographed of which I
think will never be… ^^;

Gundam Version 1.5; My first ever Master Grade kit from half a decade
ago… Thick panel lines and failed transparent coating… ^^;

Ez8; My fave grunt Gundam unit… ^_^ Hoping for a Version 2.0 of this magnificent kit…

F91; I was quite amazed by its size that’s almost identical to the likes of a 1/144 High Grades eventho this MS is an MG…

Extra Finish Version; No panel linings needed due to the semi bling
bling ness… Very much in love with its side skirt railgun design…

Rouge; Obsession with all things pink demands my acquisition of this
MS… ^^; Messed up with outer armour panel linings and transparent
coating that I’d ordered another set of the pink runners (From HLJ…
They can help you to acquire certain runners and parts from Bandai like
bling bling parts for your vanilla Shin Musha Gundam, with a fee of
course…) just to fix her up…

Hence forth I’ve decided not to mess with transparent coating anymore…

Freedom Full Burst Mode; Was originally decided against getting this MG
because I don’t really like its overall design… However the
temptation of the bling bling parts and the Funnel effect parts broke
me… ^^;

+ I.W.S.P.; Strike is one of my fave base MS that I have no problem
buying its variations from… I.W.S.P. is one such purchase…

Stay tune for Volume 2.0…


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