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Black History Volume 2.0

Part II of the Black History…

Strike Noir; Another Strike variation… Liking its dual handguns and wired harpoons… ^_^

Zeta Version 2.0; My first attempt to apply water slide decals… Some of the decals were ripped off while I field testing the complicated transformation on this kit… Which eventually resulted in me giving up after several successful decaling… ^^;

My first transformable GunPla… And it IS huge! Unfortunately bad
skills at panel linings and transparent coating tarnished this fine
kit… And its left fin-shield broke due to its fragility… ^^; Am
hoping for a Version 2.0 since Zeta Version 2.0 is here…

FYI, the Beam Sabre used on ZZ is actually meant for PG RX-78-2 Gundam… XD

epitome of bling bling ness! Due to its early MG technology,
articulations are no good at all… -_- The shiny outer armour also
pale in comparison to the true golden bling bling of newer kits like
the 1/100 Akatsuki…

A; I adores unconventional MS, and this GunPla fit the picture
perfectly… The overall curvy yet blocky design took my breath away
during the moment I’ve completed the assembly this beast…

Version KA; The beauty of this stark white MS is beyond words… I
especially admires the way Unicorn splits apart when transforming into
Destroy Mode… However, the knee joints are quite a disappoinment…

II-F2; Zaku’s asymmetrical design intrigues me ever since I saw them in
08th MS Team, my first Gundam series when I started anime… Hoping for
a Version 2.0 adaptation… ^_^ 

Version 2.0; The new articulations employed in this MG is too
magnificent that I had to grab one for my own! ^_^ This is my second
Zaku unit amongst the horde of Gundam units… ^^;

End of Black History… Watch out for possible feature of more GunPla in the future which includes 1/100 series and 1/144 HGs…


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