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Astray Going Master

On the recent Gundam Big Expo, a lot of interesting GunPla kits has been unveiled…

Perfect Grade 00-Raiser; Well this is unexpected, as the last cool down
period between two PGs (PG Strike and PG Red Frame) took a quad of years
to subside while this time around it’s only been half a year! Anyways,
the PG kit comes with both 00 Gundam and its support platform 0-Raiser
unlike the separate package for each similar to the likes of Strike and
Skygrasper + Aile Striker years ago…

Only a part of the prototype has been shown in the Expo, with 0-Raiser’s main body has yet to be seen… It is reported that the PG kit will feature lightup and rotating engine gimmicks on the GN Drives! Will not be getting this PG kit as I’m not really a fan of 00’s design…

1/100 Astray Mirage Frame; It seems Bandai’s been paying a lot of attention towards the SEED sidestories that is the Astray MSV series… Another variation of the Frame Astrays has been announced for the 1/100 line.

From the looks of it, the whole kit will basically be the very same 1/100 Red Frame’s body with some blades attached here and there along with a new head… ^^;

1/100 Master Grade Blue Frame Second Revise; Now this caught my attention… Ever since my acquisition of PG Red Frame, I’ve been hoping for a MG of the Frame Astray as well ever since… It seems this MG kit will be based upon its PG brother, as the parts along its abdomen, pelvis as well as knees seem similar to the mechanics introduced on the PG kit…


2nd Revise is basically an upgraded 2nd Lowe, retaining its signature Buster Sword with nifty extras here and there…

I wonder if the problems
(Restrictive front skirt design, loose armour pieces…) seen on the PG will be apparent on this new MG kit as well… Hopefully not tho… But it seems Blue Frame cannot hold onto its sword on its own due to the massive size and weight issues that Bandai decided to use Action Base 2 for support… XD

Coming in this October under 4,800 yen price tag… An auto get for me due to the interchangeable Buster Sword~! Was a little disappointed by the choice tho… They should have pick Blue Frame 2nd G Full Armour Phase Shift Mode instead which gives off the vibe of a Ronin Samurai Warrior… Heck, gimme Blue Frame the Third instead! >,<


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