Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Ahoge Versus Bokke

Taking Lily out on her first time outing… ^_^ However, she wasn’t expecting any company…

Lily on wheels! We’re heading directly towards the mall after meeting at work, which took quite some time due to the employer’s unnecessary elaborations of his past experiences irrelevant to the topic of the meeting itself… ^^;

And I went to adopt a new member of the family unlike what Lily ever seen… Outraged, Lily demanded answers from me, indicating the reason for the adoption of this stupid looking creature… ^^;

Was kinda split between the idea of adopting a Figma Drossel and my first Nendoroid, but luckily the Ojou went out of stock eventho she’s in stock just a couple of days ago… Besides, the hobby shop charges outrageous price for Ojou (RM 250), of which her price is almost the same as the price I preordered her Winter package (Along with the estimated shipping price, which should come around RM 230+) at Hobby Search, which will be released in this coming December…

In the end, I chose Mikkumiku amongst the available stocks sitting on the shelves of the hobby shop due to comrade Kodomut’s influence as well as her kawaii bokke expressions…

Took Lily and Mikkumiku for a spin around the beach area nearby while waiting for my pal and his mate until screening time to watch Disney Pixar’s Up, which was today’s main event… Loved Carl and his grumpiness as well as the *Point* dog Bug… Totally hilarious, totally recommended for family and friends… ^_^ Also the short but sweet life events flashes of Carl and Ellie melts my heart… :3

Had a finger lickin’ good meal before the movie… Mikkumiku approved! X3

Mikkumiku’s about to steal some crunchy om nom nom! :3

It’s time to go home after the movie~! Mikkumiku can’t wait to settle into her new home that she’d immediately clung onto my ride’s wheels… Flying pantsu! XD

Altho we arrived at home safely, jealous Lily seemed to take the liberty of mutilating Mikkumiku to pieces during transit… The horror~! o,0 Anyways, Mikkumiku will join me for another trip to adventure tomorrow noon, stay tuned~!


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