Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Man down!

As many of you probably noticed over Twitter, I’m down with fever several days ago… The heat is boiling me, feels like a layer of aura engulfing my very shell, emitting burning flames from within…

With all those reports of the epidemic cases all around my country, I was rather worried if I’ve become the Infected, rushing towards the General Hospital for check-up on Tuesday night after I took an early leave from my job. I was labelled with just a common cold tho after the examination and was given some medicines… Relieved, I returned to my den for a thorough rest the whole next day…

Lily: "我が主よ, 大丈夫ですか?"

Lacus: "元気?"

However, fever still persists on the third day (Which was yesterday…), once again raising my internal alarm (Over the fact that I maybe the 1st epidemic case on my island…) as I returned to GH for another check-up. I was reassured that it was nothing, as fevers usually took a week to heal and the medicine will only take couple or three days for their effects to kick in…

Anyways the fever finally dropped off today, my throat feels like being injected with loads and lots of smelly medicines… Yuck~! I haven’t had any decent meals these past three days so I’ll probably strive on having a feast this weekend… :3

To all those worried over my very being, thank you all~! Also warmest embrace to Lacus and Lily for looking after me these few days… ^_^

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