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GT-R Getto~!

Two weeks ago, I’ve finally landed my hands on the wheels of Nissan GT-R after some mishap… A jinxed Otaku I am, always having troubles before acquiring my prize… >,<

You see, I stumbled upon this new hobby shop at an old mall that has many Black GT-Rs in stock… Delighted, just when I’m about to pay it, the shop assistant said they haven’t installed their credit card machine yet due to the shop’s infancy. Therefore, I had to head into the mall to get some cash from the teller, but for some reason it doesn’t work… >,< I had to put up with my intention that day and returned to the mall two days later to claim my car, during my 1-hour lunch break… >,<

The Alternity Transformers Nissan GT-R Convoy (Known as Optimus Prime in the West) Super Black Version is the second recoloured version of the original Vibrant Red one released some time ago. There is another recoloured Silver version, which I really like but somehow decided against it…

However, Danny Choo posted teaser shots of the Super Black version some time ago, which immediately captivated me… Eventho I’m not an avid Transformers collector, the Darker Side overwhelmed me, eventually breaking my will and finally allowed meself to purchase the vehicle…

As many have said before, Danny Choo really is a bad influence for our wallet… ^^;

The plastic package that encases the GT-R in place… Loved its overall design…

If one doesn’t look closely, one may mistaken this alien as the real Nissan GT-R! Robot in disguise, more than meets the eyes! ^_^

What really intrigues me is the amount of details spent upon this beast… You can clearly see the steering wheel, seats and even hand brake moulded nicely within the vehicle once you open its doors, there’s even an engine to show off when you uncover the bonnet!

And what nice cars can go without lovely race queens? XD Too bad I have nothing in scale, so Fllay will do the honour here… :P

*Mechanical whirl*


Unlike most of the Transformers, GT-R Convoy doesn’t have any handheld weaponry, instead it got itself retractable cannons on both of its arms… o,0

Unfortunately, I notice some product defects on the vehicle, as some of its black paint seems to chip off on the frame above the door (which doubles up as the robot’s heel…) Nothing is perfect I suppose…

While the front side of the robot mode looks incredibly sexy, the same cannot be said for the shell-like rear side (Hood and bonnet)… There’s also the balancing problem (Due to the weight of the die cast parts located mostly on the robot’s abdomen and pelvic area…) as well as limited articulations… Nonetheless, this is one fine vehicle, grab yours today or you can go for the Fairlady Megatron instead or the upcoming Swift Bumblebee. ^_^

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