Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Danbooru no Hibi

Chibified youngest musume Meyrin-chan just out from her nice, warm bath when she noticed a strange gigantic danbooru just as she strolled along the walkway to her room…

Meyrin-chan: "Nee~ Nee~! What do you think is within this danbooru just below us?"

Miku: "Nuh uh…"

Exia RE: "……"

Exia RE: "Want me to check it out?"


Meyrin-chan: o.0

Miku: "Please do. However you ought to wai~"

Miku: "~t until Wwwweeeee~"


Miku: "~evacuateeeeee~KYAA~!!!"

*Pantsu blaring*

Meyrin-chan: ^^;

Exia RE: "Tckk… Do you think this is what I think it is?"

Meyrin-chan: "Eeee… ttooo ne…"

Exia RE: "Where in the world is Miku?"

Miku: "&#@$#&%^…"

Narrator: "The truth is OUT THERE… in a couple of days~!"

*To be continued…*

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