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Exia, Exterminating Targets~!

Woke up quite early this morning… After some refreshment, I returned to my last spurt on the assembly of my MG kit… Just barely reaching noon, I’ve managed to put final touches on my latest Gunpla entry… :3

When compare to its earlier multiple 1/100 incarnations, this version of Exia is much better proportioned and slimmer, albeit many of the parts and overall design are pretty much similar between the two… ^_~

As a Master Grade however, Exia is no doubt the pinnacle of the Gunpla technology, incorporating the best of the previous advancements introduced on various predecessors as well as adding new elements, making this kit one step closer towards being a smaller, cheaper Perfect Grade. :P Tricky poses like the above can now be done with Exia, which is not quite possible on other MG kits…

Below are piccies of various angles on the melee use Mobile Suit with its Triple S (Seven Sword System) attached… ^_^

With all the Dry Transfer Decals and Clear Stickers applied on the final product, Exia Ignition Mode looks incredibly cool with the markings and all, adding depths to its overall physique…

The new clear stickers also able to withstand much of my brute force during posing, staying intact unlike the ancient clear stickers as seen on the older MG kits that tends to rip off easily and stands out too much after application…

I especially adore those blue stripes markings on the stark white outer armour pieces as well as the weaponry… :3 Kinda reminds me of the decal whore that is Version KA kits… X3

Now let’s have a look at some of the features on the weaponry and the lower body of the Mobile Suit… For a look at upper body instead please step in here… ^3^

GN Shield has a minor side extending gimmick, which doesn’t quite makes sense to me as it doesn’t get any broader than that… o.0 Unless it spits out Beam Shield after the extension, then it’s another story… *_*

There is a mechanism on the GN Sword which allows its rifle gun to be holstered near the shield part when not in use. However, whilst nice to the eyes, this makes the whole weapon a little unsteady on Exia’s arm as the GN Sword is connected onto the arm with only a small connector…

Instead of parts swapping as seen on the 1/100 version, MG Exia has a built in sliding dock at each side of its hips, allowing GN Long Blade and GN Short Blade to be safely attached at the hips…

However once docked the blades kinda in the way of the legs during posing…

Incorporated on most of the latest of the MG Gunpla kits, Exia too possess the adjustable pelvic joints, allowing you to move the calves up and down individually at a certain range on both sides of the legs, helping you to do the otherwise impossible poses… ^_^

Unfortunately, disappointment assured at the knee area, which is pretty much a direct copy of the 1/100 version… -_- And here I was thinking they might improve the range of bending at the knees when I was assembling the 1/100 Exia Trans Am Extra Finish Version moons ago…

Further down, you’ll notice the double joints ankle as well as the inclusion of the toe joint as seen on RX-78-2 Gundam Version 2.0… :3

Due to the lack of armour pieces hindering the joints, one can actually bend Exia’s foot at an absurd angle! XD However, the toe joint does nothing much as the movement range around the whole foot is kinda restrictive…

Exia kidou shimashita! Action pose galore! ^_^ A sense of déjà vu at some of the posings… XD

On side note, the skirt pieces seem a little loose, especially the rear ones. The same can be said on the grip points that hold the Beam Sabres and Beam Daggers in place…

Omake time! :3 Conversion in progress…

Stripping the parts (Quite a lot of the armour pieces are jettisoned… >_<) and swapping with RE parts, this Ignition Mode package offers the option to switch the normal Exia into its Second Season appearance Exia Repair.

I’m pretty much prefers this version more than the original or the later Repair 2 (RE2) version… A great excuse to showoff the MG’s inner frame as well… XD

A couple of complains tho. Bandai should have make the mantle soft rubber instead of semi hard PVC… Just doesn’t feel right… >,<

On the other hand, parts swapping process are too much of a chore. Why didn’t they include parts for the whole head instead of just a cheek plate?

Anyways, Exia RE’s overall physique reminds me of a character in a classic Jin Yong‘s Wuxia novel The Return of the Condor Heroes… The protagonist Yang Guo also lost one of his arms during the course of the story… :)

Looking at Exia RE’s face, two things came into my thoughts… Terminator (Hence TerminExia… XD) and Two-Face (Harvey Dent, a villain in Batman comic/movie/animated series)… :D

This is a summary of my verdict on the MG kit…


• GN Drive LED light up gimmick… That a huge plus!
• Bling bling blades; Shiny…
• Over-the-top poseability thanks to the advancement of MG Gunpla technology… :P
• Exia RE conversion ^_^
• adjustable pelvic joints
• Clear stickers (Unlike the old ones that tends to rip off easily)
• Eye candy markings (Love the blue stripes…)


• Parts swapping to create Exia RE
• No bling bling on Exia RE’s blade of GN Sword
• Range of bending at knee area
• Obstructive design at elbow area
• Loose skirt pieces
• Loose Beam Sabre/Dagger grip points
• Design of holstered rifle on GN Sword
• Unnecessary extending gimmick on GN Shield
• Sharing too many parts from the 1/100 versionLooking forward to an MG Astraea, if there is one… ^_^

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  2. Hello! Great review, thank you! I’d like to know if the decals come with the model, or if you have to purchase them separately.

    16th October, 2012 at 07:26

    • No worries, the decal sheet comes with the kit.

      16th October, 2012 at 07:54

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