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Haul in day’s work…

Rushing towards the mall where my fave hobby shop situated, I was bombarded by the forces of nature… A lightning storm brew just before I’m off work, falling liquid washes the very concrete that is the highway to my ultimate goal…It gets heavier as I head out the moment my shift’s over, the falling neko and inu obscured my heading, leaving me

line of sight of barely 10 meters…Luckily, the fall soon dropped to a steady stream, allowing me to reach my target safe and sound… Perhaps I’m too dramatic on the situation but it’s true there’s a lightning storm a few hours earlier…

Anyways, quite a large haul for me at the 1st day of a new month that I’m beginning to worry of my spending on my hobby collections… ^^;

Today’s getto includes:

• Dengeki Hobby September 2009 Issue
• Resident Evil: Code Veronica novelisation by S.D. Perry
• Venus Versus Virus manga Volume 8 (End)
• Hayate no Gotoku! manga Volume 19
• Hoshi wa Utau manga Volume 5 (From the mangaka of Fruits Basket :D)
• A couple of Gundam Marker Sumiire Use (Black)

I’ve been eyeing the September Issue ever since its preview at the official site due to its coverage on MG Exia… This is the second issue of Dengeki Hobby that I bought on impulse, the 1st being the May Issue featuring PG Astray Red Frame. That issue was also the one that introduced me to the Middle Sister… <3 As a furoku, this issue of Dengeki Hobby also includes a 32 pages Robot Damashii Perfect Guide 2009, which will be quite useful for me if I somehow wins the HLJ Gundam give-away held in… ^^;

Ironically, a thunder storm was also hindering my approach to the very same hobby shop the day I bought that 1st issue as well as to collect my preordered PG Astray Red Frame… ^^;

I usually buy several manga volumes every week,
therefore I’ll not be discussing about this at all… Whenever I start to buy a new manga series, I’ll follow it until the end without fail… Now that I think about it, this is perhaps the reason why my collections of manga reaches the 1k mark… :3
During my stroll in the mall, I was unconsciously drawn towards Borders (A huge book store) by an unknown force when I walked pass it… I immediately set my sight on the Fantasy/Horror section of the racks, and to my surprise I’ve finally found the last surviving novelisation of my fave video game penned by S.D. Perry!

I began my collection of the Resident Evil novel series ever since my high school years, nabbing the 1st four paperbacks (The Umbrella Conspiracy, Caliban Cove, City of the Dead, Underworld) at Kinokuniya back then… A year or two ago, I bought the other two of the series (Zero Hour, Nemesis) from the same Borders I’ve visited just now… -_^ Notice that the pages of the older novels have turned yellow over the years of re-reading and stashing… ^_^

Up until now, the last of the series, Code Veronica, managed to slip thru my fingers whenever I’m intended to search for it… It’s pure luck that I found and procured the novel in sight today… ~_^

Perry’s reimagining of the Resident Evil stories are quite fun to read, especially when she’s following all the plots from the game to minute details, adding her own theories of the plot holes created in the video games as she wrote the novels… For your information, Mr. X, the tyrant prototype sent to chase Claire around in Resident Evil 2, wasn’t named until Perry christened the title in her City of the Dead novel… :D

My fave has to be the 3rd of the novel, City of the Dead, a retelling of the events in Resident Evil 2 video game following the Claire A + Leon B route… BTW, Caliban Cove and Underworld are originals by the author herself, which are not quite as interesting as the video games inspired pieces…

Anyways, gonna continue the assembly of Exia now… :D

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