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Arms Installation is Complete…

Sounds familiar? This is Danny’s infamous quote for all of his give-away contests… ^_^

Another couple of days have passed, utilising the time frame after work, I’ve managed to finish the arms for Exia along with its pelvis…

Did manage to complete the parts for Exia RE too via part swapping… It’s quite a tedious chore as you’ll have to remove the parts needed from the normal Exia and exchanged it with the battle damage Exia RE parts…

And so Exia RE floats lifelessly across the vacuum after exhausting all its power… ~_^

Anyways, let’s have a look at the intact, roll out Exia… ^_^ You may notice all those delicious markings on various parts of Exia’s armour pieces, as I applied the dry transfer decals as well as the clear stickers as I build the kit gradually…

I was rather pleased by the clear stickers given, which look and feel like water slide decals at best… :3 This helps me a lot as I’m a total klutz at water slide decal application…

Yet another déjà vu… Wait a minute~! Did Sunrise stole my design I did years ago!? X3 

Poseability and flexibility of this MG kits is top notch, nothing much to say here… XD

Reaching for Beam Sabre underneath shoulder armour? Check… ^_^ Grabbing Beam Dagger at hips? Check… ^_^

Unfortunately tho, the design of Exia’s forearm armour piece kinda hinders the overall elbow flexibility…

On the other hand, or pelvic area if you please, extended connector for the front skirt greatly increases its range of movements. This will help a lot with Exia’s poses once I finish with the legs tomorrow… :D

Range of movements around the shoulder joints is incredibly flexible as well.

Exia seems to utilise similar body system introduced in RX-78-2 Gundam Version 2.0, as it can easily bend its body at will…

And of course the MG type hand unit… Too bad Exia uses the hand system introduced in Zeta Gundam Version 2.0 instead of the one in RX-78-2 Gundam Version 2.0, which have double joints for each fingers instead of the usual single joint ever since the beginning of the MG kits…

There’s a stub on the palm where you can lock your weapons firmly in place…

Will continue the assembly this weekend… Oh, it’s weekend already… ^^;

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