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Test Drive

I’m totally in trance when I arrived at my den after work yesterday, seeing that my package has arrived… Unfortunately, my expression quickly turned sour when I saw a dent on the package… ^^;

Luckily, when I opened the danbooru, the content is safe as there are layers of sugar papers protecting the prize… Stupid postal service…

You should’ve seen my various expressions during that time… I guess we Otaku are quite expressive in many ways… ^_~

This marks my second attempt to review a GunPla kit, you can read the 1st one on PG Astray Red Frame + Special Custom Set

In just a couple of nights, I’ve managed to finished up Exia’s head and torso, along with the GN Drive of course… While assembling the MG, I’m getting déjà vu as I’d built a 1/100 version of Exia Trans-Am Extra Finish Version before, due to both kits sharing various similar parts…

Let’s have a look at the GN Drive first… This MG kit comes with a couple of LED Light Units, which requires a couple of chibi button batteries LR 41 each for power.

The GN Drive itself features a pretty nice gimmick as an on-off switch, in which you rotates the front and back portion of the Drive to activate the greenish GN Particle emission effect from the drive… :P

BTW, the Ignition Mode kit also comes with this GN Drive holder stand for display purposes, much like PG Astray Red Frame’s sword rack… ^_^ I’m not sure if the vanilla Exia kit have this stand included as part of the bargain… or not, tho… ^^;

As the GN Drive is to be installed onto the chest part of the torso, Exia’s chest compartment is hollow. A red cover piece is given to plug up the space when GN Drive is uninstalled… :D The tri-arms at the back serve as locking mechanism to hold the GN Drive or the cover in place…

Unfortunately tho, Bandai seems to have decided to leave out the double neck joints usually found on MG kits, leaving Exia’s head in limited range of movements… -_-“

Similar to that of the 1/100 version, the shoulders of Exia have a generous range of movements. Notice the gap underneath the right chest? Yes, there’s a limited rotation around the chest as well… ^_^

Being an MG kit, of course Exia have a cockpit hatch gimmick, which is located at the abdomen just beneath the GN Drive compartment…

The chest pieces can also be flipped outwards to reveal the massive GN Drive Emitter on the chest…

With GN Drive installed onto the torso, Exia is alive! :3 Nice glowing words gimmick on the GN Drive Emitter, altho I cannot make out the wordings at all… ^^;

Part of the GN Drive can be extended slightly to create the Particle Burst effect… X3

As borrowed from Danny’s usual quote, arms installation is next! ^_^

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