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Crossing the Jolly Roger

Another week, yet another give-away contest by the Lord of all Otaku… Running simultaneously along with several other give-aways, this one offers the winner a free Robot Damashii from Hobby Link Japan… The theme is of course Gundam, my forte~! XD

Trooper Danny requires us to showcase our collection of Gunpla, picking one of our fave and post it in, the venue of the contest… So here I am heeding the call, readying my guns and swords to cast one of my minions upon the spotlight – 1/100 Master Grade XM-X1 Crossbone Gundam X-1 Version KA~!

Crossbone Gundam hails from the 6-volume manga series Crossbone Gundam X and one of the few MGs that doesn’t have an Anime counterpart. One of the few reasons I adore this MS is its unconventional design which incorporates the Core Fighter system and a variety of 19th century pirate-styled weaponry like cutlass, flintlock, hidden daggers and whips…

Another feature of this MS is its splitting mouth piece that makes it look sinister when placed apart, one more of my fave point… ^_^ The included Anti-Beam Coating Cloak is also one of the charming points that grabbed my heart…

There is another MG kit, which is basically this Crossbone with add-ons called the Full Cloth, featuring extra weaponry like the Peacock Smasher and the extra armour pieces, but since I’ve already got this kit, I skipped the duplicate… >,<

I put together this kit with only basic panel lining and several layers of transparent spray… Thus this is pretty much a direct assembly without any modding or kit bashing…

Below are piccies of this beast I took quite many moons ago. Do note that even at the same scale like the rest of the MGs, which is 1/100, Crossbone is significantly smaller than all of them safe the F91 due to the miniaturisation of MS designs after the Second Neo Zeon War in Char’s Counter Attack…

A pose borrowed directly from Striding Cloud (Bu Jing Yun in Mandarin, Bou Geng Wan in Cantonese) of the 1998’s blockbuster Storm Riders… ^_^


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