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Musume Tachi no Ichi Nichi

OK, there’s nothing really got to do with Daughter’s Day… ^_^ Just something happened this whole week that excites my musume tachi…

The middle sister of my musume tachi, Horo, overlooking several items that’s been appearing before my den over the course of the week… She’d realised that the lingerie set belongs to her new Imouto, who’ve just moved into our household over a couple of weeks ago…

The other two items are Re Ment Shokugan Lottery Trading Collections I bought on impulse a couple of days ago. The lovely Maid fuku is just what I’ve wanted for my musume, namely the middle sister, as my luck turns on the good side when I picked up the random lottery box… Of all the ten possible picks, Maid fuku looks the best when comparing to the other nine possibilities like Kango Fuku, Cheerleader, Keisatsu Fuku, etc…

The same cannot be said for the other item tho. I intended to get the basket filled with fruits, which contains an apple which should be very suitable for furry middle sister… Instead I’ve got myself a Daikon set… >,<

The youngest of the sister, Meyrin, immediately tries out her new lingerie set… Unfortunately, she had trouble hooking the bra… :3

The eldest, Lacus, offers to help her little Imouto, with nefarious intend… X3

Those teasings aside, Meyrin finally puts on her lingerie set…

"How do I look? 似合い?" -_^

Horo always runs around stark naked, much to the amusement of the Oneechan… *^_^* And the apprehension of the Imouto… XD


Some lovely Shimai Pseudo docking action piccies… Looks like Meyrin has finally overcome her camera shyness, which she actively refused to be photographed just a while ago… XP

Dishing out Nendoroids of themselves, Meyrin and Lacus had a great time posing for my camera along with Mini-Them… :D

Trying out each other’s stock uniform, as expected Lacus looks great in ZAFT green suit AND beret… <3 Meyrin on the other hand still unable to get used to Lacus’s chou-mini size Shinobi Kimono… :P

Meido Ookami~! <3 Horo dons her new Victorian styled Maid outfit… Lookin’ lovely there, middle sister! :D

"御主人様,今晩のご飯大根食べますか? (Please correct me if my use of wordings and grammar is incorrect… ^_^ It’s my first attempt to form such long and complete sentence…) Goshujin sama, should we have some daikon tonite?"


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