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Memories of Gundam

Complying to Danny’s call for creative figure shots, I’ve spent the whole afternoon preparing shots of my so called Gundam Drama… ^_^ Here goes… X3

"I met Azuko while I was still a freshly manufactured cog piece… She was a small time songstress at our assembly outlet, appearing from time to time to bring hope and happiness to the fine machines of the place… It was love at first sight for the young me, our eyes met as her soothing melodies pierced my heart…"

"We get acquainted during one of her concerts, where she approached me herself… It turns out she had been eyeing me for quite some time now, wanting to had a word with me as well. As both of us get to know each other, we fell deeply unto the pool that is romance…"

"The young me would do anything to impress her. At one time I grabbed the Yaoi doujinshi (It seems that my girl is fascinated by those kinds of doujinshi… ^^; ) owned by Billy, the assembly outlet’s big-for-nothing bully… As I’m no match for the behemoth, I had to run as fast I could all around the place with him hot on my tail… In the end, I was lucky to escape unscathed as Billy crumbled onto the ground out of exhaustion…

As I thought, Azuko was deeply impressed by my escapade, rewarding me with a hot mark over my helmet…" *^_^*

"Unfortunately for us, our Clan families from both sides object to our unholy relationship, which quickly grew outta hand as it escalated into a civil war … >,< Many of our beloved Clansmen fell one after another as the battle continues…"

"Leaving the two of us no choice, our unbroken heartful bond dictates that we fled from our homeland, our Clan; Towards the unknown region where we started our life anew… Just the two of us…" ^_-

"Soon after our departure, we heard that due to our escape, the Clan wars finally subsided. The one who brought us the news is your Auntie Exylia, my childhood sweetheart, whom still comes by once in a while to check on us… She is like an elder sister to me by the way… ^_^

With all worries gone, this was the greatest moment in our life as we enjoyed the lovely relationship to its fullest… Soon, she bored my child; Which is you, Rou, my lovely daughter…"

Faust breathed a sigh of relief, ending his reminiscence…

Rou stares at her father intensely, asking: "Papa, as far as I’m concern, doesn’t all childhood sweethearts usually ended up together? Why didn’t you stay with Auntie Exylia?"

"Well… I could never match up with her preferences… Besides being a Dominatrix herself, it seems she’s into Guro as well…" ^^;

"May her mate Couni survives her torture…"

The End!

This Gundam Drama is brought to you by The Republic, with active participations of:

MG RX-78-2 Gundam Version 2.0 as Faust
1/100 Zaku Warrior Live Concert Extra Finish Version as Azuko
MG Strike Rouge as Rou
PG Astray Red Frame as Billy the Bully
1/100 Exia Trans Am Extra Finish Version as Exylia
MG Unicorn as Couni
MG Hyaku Shiki, MG Destiny Extreme Blast mode, MG Zaku II F2, MG Zaku II F Version 2.0, MG Nu Gundam Metallic Coating Version, 1/100 Dynames, MG Turn A and MG Crossbone Version KA as Anonymous Battle Clansmen

And guest appearance of Tome of Darkness as Yaoi Doujinshi… XD

And a family photo of the lovey pair with their daughter… XD

Hope you enjoy the show~! :3…

2 responses

  1. Muhammad Iqbal

    ^^ – Miley Cyrus: Love story

    17th July, 2009 at 23:39

  2. tianle

    ahaha funny! :DD

    18th July, 2009 at 07:00

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