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Horo x Horo

Woke up early this Saturday morning, I had an Anime session with my daughter Horo… :3

We’re watching the recently aired episode 01 of Ookami to Koushinryou II. It seems my daughter is very, very excited to see herself on screen… ^_^

Continuing from the OVA released a couple of months ago, the episode opens with Horo’s nightmare on choosing Lawrence from her homeland, as well as two leads teasing and spicing up their conversations in part A. Both of them reached a town on the verge of a festival not long after and met a Shota fishmonger…

Immediately captivated by Horo’s exceptional beauty, it would seems the Shota might "attack" her on sight… XD Too bad Lawrence didn’t introduce Horo as his Tsuma, instead as an accompanied nun-in-training… o,0 We also get to see more of Horo silly moves as she got herself drunk… XD

Liking both the OP and ED the moment I saw them. The OP retains its folk-esque melodies similar to Tabi no Tochuu while the ED still possess the perky cheekiness of Ringo Hiyori "The Wolf Whistling Song" (I adores that song!) of the 1st season… ^_^

Oh look, that’s my girl on the screen! :D Kinda want to get that beret and dress for her… Now where can I procure one for her…?


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