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La Brassiere

It seems my buroggu will be venturing into wider range of hobby collections besides the usual Gundam only related contents, especially with the inclusion of many non Gundam related posts like Figma Hatsune Miku and Azone Horo… :3

Anyways, due to the horrendous look of the stock pantsu worn by Meyrin when she joins our household, I’ve placed an order for a new set of lingerie for her.

For now she’ll have to be contend with wearing nothing under her innershirt and tight fitting skirt… ^^;

The lingerie set is an Azone International’s Basic Selection, its design is identical to that of the pink lace lingerie worn by Lacus…

Altho it is meant to be used on 27cm 1/6 Obitsu type dolls with M size bust, it should be compatible with the lesser 25cm or 23cm of the Obitsu lines as well… Daughters with L size bust however might have problems wearing the lingerie… :3

It’s a wonder that as an Otaku I usually refrain from buying attires for myself, staying away from fashion time to time but when it comes to my daughter’s apparels, I’ll buy anything for them… ^^;

Besides the lingerie set for Meyrin, I didn’t forget to get something for my other girls as well… ^_^ I’ve preordered a trio of the upcoming 1/6 Doll Saddle Stand Black Type 2, also manufactured by Azone International. While I have a couple of stands readily, both of them are of the hips grabber type which is quite obstructive in the eyes during photo sessions with my daughters…

I find saddle types allows much natural poses than hips grabber as you can do more dynamic actions with the supporting platform… BTW, these saddle stands work on many other types as well including 23cm Obitsu, 25cm Obitsu, Licca, Pullip and perhaps Pure Neemo as well…

On side note, am currently managed to complete the jet nose portion of my 1/72 Armoured Messiah Valkyrie Alto Custom Plamo last night, still worrying about applying the water slide decals as I’m no good at them, especially when I’ve one of the limited edition Sheryl Nome decals included with my purchase… Preferring dry transfer decal ala Gundam Master Grades here…

Still awaiting the arrival of my Figma Saber Lily which I managed to procure from eBay as well… And the MG Exia at the end of the month…


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