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Twin Tail Musume

I’ve finally managed to fetch my 3rd daughter from the detention centre… ^^; Maybe it’s destiny, everytime I adopt a daughter the girl will face some sort of mishap… The disaster didn’t stop there tho… as if I’m jinxed this whole while… >,<

While I was checking my daughter out, I noticed that her collar is sewn together as I tried to remove Meyrin’s green ZAFT uniform, leaving no way to undress her as I would have to remove her head first before proceeding…

Taking my chances, I managed to detach her head after a few attempts as I have the experience of tempering with an extra Obitsu body I bought quite a while ago… However, the piece that holds Meyrin’s head and body slipped into the depths of her head!!! I’ve tried helplessly to retrieve the piece from the head but to no avail, even after many exhausting attempts due to too small the opening…

Luckily I have spare parts from my purchase of the Miko outfit and the extra Obitsu body… In the end, I installed a brand new connector piece onto her neck and attach her head back to her body… Works perfectly, whew!

As for the sealed collar uniform, I’ve decided to do a slight modification to allow for normal undressing by cutting the thread holding the collar apart… :D

It seems the 1st thing Lacus and Horo did to their new sister is to strip and tease her… XD

Pantsu Boushi! XD Looks like little wolfie is having too much fun with the cotton pantsu belonging to Meyrin… I noticed Lacus giggling at the side… >_>

OMGoddess, delicious cake… *^_^* ホラ~! ケーキだよ! :P

And the rest of her personal photographs… :3 Liking the uniform musume, I’m so in love with the beret and the delicious light blue inner shirt… :D

BTW, Meyrin has the same bust size as Lacus, and she wears nothing underneath the innershirt… :P

Might have to buy her new set of lingerie just like Lacus’s, seeing that her pantsu’s looking horrible… :( It’s strange that I usually refrain from buying myself new attires but can’t seem to stop buying dresses and accessories for my daughters… >,<


One response

  1. Myzt

    Huhu I have to detach the hairpiece to get the connector back (coz I don’t have extra body) >_<. The lingerie provided actually might be there to prevent the fabric color from rubbing-offed to the soft vinyl body

    7th July, 2009 at 14:57

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