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Sweet Otacool

In response to Trooper Danny‘s rant on Kotobukiya’s upcoming project, I’ve presented my own updated room piccies for evaluation… Hopefully they might be impressed enough to count mine in… ^_^ I’ve already posted the piccies on yesternight but seeing that the newly revived site hasn’t have much user count yet I’m showing this on me Buroggu as well… :D

My den is no extravagant spacious room, but due to my obsession in keeping things tidy and efficiently uses all spaces available, I’ve managed to somehow keep most of my hobby merchandises safe from excessive dust accumulation…

Just for this documentation I’ve unpacked most of my possessions onto my desk, on which I usually used as my dining area or studio for figure piccies…

If these piccies aren’t large enough, you can view larger ones here

Notice the hanging white thingie underneath my tonnes of figure boxes? That’s the tarpaulin I’m using as a backdrop for my studio of figure piccies taking…

My main work area consisting of LG 32" LCD TV and my already ancient Samsung 17" LCD…

I usually dump all my Danbooru at this location when they arrive. Thus usually this area is messy and unsightly… :3

You may notice a theme here on my GunPla collections displayed on the desk… Yes, all of them are melee fighters, wielding Katana, Sword, Buster Sword and such…

I’m a sucker for CQCMs (Close Quarter Combat Mechas) with shinies… :D

Locked within the transparent display cases are my collections of Lacus Clyne trading figures and Gashapons… They’re the passion that brought me to the world of figures collecting…

Yes, I have all the Haro alarm clocks ever released from the 1st Gundam’s Green Haro-kun, SEED’s Pink-chan and 00’s Orange Haro… Haro-ine Dango Daikazoku! :D

My daughters are the spotlight of my collections… ^_^

One of the many places I stash my manga. As localised manga here in my country are quite compact and small when comparing with the ones imported from the West, I can put two layers of many volumes on each of the racks…

This one located just beside my bed. There are several more underneath the studio area…


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  1. Jere

    You have a beautiful collection.

    12th November, 2009 at 05:14

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