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Live @ My Room

Looks like Lacus-chan isn’t the only songstress ever graced Watashi no Heya… ^_^

Ever since I’ve played the magnificent PSP exclusive Rhythm Game x Editor – Hatsune Miku: Project Diva yesterday, I’m very tempted to get a hold on the 1st Vocaloid ever created…

Actually, I’ve already had my eyes on her for quite some time now, as I kept seeing her alone on the glass shelve in the hobby shop I usually went to…

I’ve finally gave in today when my dear friend Donny Choo asked me out for a stroll in the said mall, thus I immediately went to the premise to adopt her… ^^;

And here she is performing a concert right within my very room… :D

I wonder if GSC will release a Ginga outfit (Closely resembles that of the outfit Lacus-chan wore in SEED when she first met Kira! <3 ) of her as seen in the PSP game…

In case you’re wondering where I found the stage backdrop, here it is…


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