Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!

Eternal Cast of Kira~n

Taking a couple of days off work and went to vacation (Genting Highlands so to speak, I’m all too exhausted after taking an all-day-long stroll around various casinos, shopping malls and theme parks around the tourist hotspot… ^^;) just a couple of days ago, I’ve managed to procure a unique souvenir, probably the only One amongst the many different object around this ever revolving Terra…

As you can see, this is a wax cast of my own left hand doing the Kiran~n hand sign! XD It was quite an incredible experience during the brief process of cloning my Kira~n hand…

First my whole hand (Kira~n hand sign ready), was submerged under a freezing container of ice water, which I think was supposed to strip off my hand from its warmth… The store assistant never really explained the whole process so I can only guess…

After a while, my popsicle Kira~n was dipped in hot molten wax in another container. Immediately after that, I can feel a thin layer of the wax hardened as soon as my now burning Kira~n returned to the icy water, in order to shake off the heat… as well as to cool down my scorching hand… 0,o

The process was repeated for another couple of times until several layers of rocky-hard wax formed into shape. After a while, the cloned Kira~n was removed from its original copy, which felt like removing a glove from your hand, only tighter… :D

To finalise the whole thing, I was told to choose a base for the wax clone, which I’ve chosen a star shaped one to further complement the whole Kira~ness…

The Hand of Kira~n at different angles… However, maybe it’s due to its awkward angle to place the base on, my aun’t commented that the hand sign looks like Buddha’s meditating sign… ^^;

The original master copy itself… :P As well as another shot posing along with the clone before returning to my den yesterday noon… ^_^

On side note, my 3rd daughter Meyrin is on her way to her new home… ^_^ Should arrive at the end of the week :D


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