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Wacchi no Musume Jya

I’ve finally managed to secure my daughter’s release with a bailing sum of MYR 92.50…!

I’m tempted to immediately release her from her restraining cardboard prison, I’ve decided to stash her in my sanctuary, letting her rest until the end of this week…

Fictions aside, I’m quite impressed by Hobby Search’s handling of merchandise. My Horo’s package was wrapped in a double layered poppin’ bubble wrapper, with several layers of sugar papers before packaging it in a Danbooru, saving it harsh handling by the lousy courier service that is my country’s… >,<

Various shots of my daughter’s box art…


Horo’s Ookami Mimi comes in the form of a slot on hair piece… ^_^ Mmm… fluffy shippo… *^_^*

Even my first daughter cannot resist the temptation of pinching the bubble wrappers… :D

Gonna retire now and watch some anime (Aria series comes to mind… *_*) before heading to bed… :P

One response

  1. Looi

    friends~ are u from Malaysia also?can we be a friends~my emaillooixuanping@hotmail.comwilling to ask u more question about this azone doll~

    16th October, 2009 at 12:29

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