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Return to the Roots

Today we’re gonna explore the origins of the Republic of Neo Pro Lacus, revisiting her mascot Mobile Suits I’ve created ever since the start of this blog a quad of years ago…

First in line is the NPL P02-S Astray Pink Frame, which was originally Red Frame Pink Custom but it’s quite a mouthful whenever I re-rephrase its name out every time, thus the new name. You may notice that Pink Frame’s inner frames are not actually pink in colour at all but in bright red, as I kinda like the overall colour scheme when leaving the red-coloured inner frames alone, therefore only had its outer armours in pink instead… 

The backstory for the Mobile Suits…

73) After the "almost" destruction of Freedom by the hands of Destiny,
Kira Yamato, the pilot of Freedom managed to disable the Neutron Jammer
Canceller on his MS before implosion occurs, but collapsed soon after
doing so… he was saved… but his machine was left to the raging sea
of Orb Union’s perimeter…

After successfully defended Orb
from ZAFT’s second initiative attack, Cagalli Yula Attha managed to
reclaim her authority within Orb Union from the likes of the corrupted
and short-sighted politicians, she ordered her long time ally, Junk
Guild, for a sweep around Orb Union for salvage of usable equipments.
In his horror, and of all his luck, Lowe Guile, a fellow member of the
Junk guild, and his flagship, HOME II, recovered Freedom’s intact NJC
Pack. After consultation with Cagalli, she offered the equipment to the

With the NJC Pack and some of Freedom’s data on board
HOME II, Lowe and gang heads to the dark side of the moon, closing in
towards a small space colony of the Republic of Neo Pro Lacus. This
Republic consists mainly of activists and supportors of Lacus Clyne’s
ideals, of which the Republic managed to keep itself neutral from the
flames of war between ZAFT, the Coordinators’ army and OMNI, Naturals’
army. Lowe had an earlier encounter with the Republic during the First
Natural-Coordinator War, in which he had his Red Frame upgraded and
maintained. In returned, he gave some data of Red Frame to the
researchers of the Republic.

Thanks to Lowe, the Republic
managed to replicate an upgraded version of the Astray, codenamed Blink
Frame, this MS became the base of many of the Republic’s MS variations.
Soon after Blink Frame, a similar MS was created, Pink Frame. Blink
Frame and Pink Frame, although mere prototypes, managed to hold back
occasional invading ZAFT forces during the First Natural-Coordinator
War, keeping its existence secret from the eyes of the likes of ZAFT as
well as OMNI…

With Lowe’s second visit to the Republic, the
people of the Republic gave Lowe the Blink Frame, now attached with a
new MIRAGE Shadow Module, as a present. If not for Lowe, the Republic
woudn’t be able to produce Blink Frame and Pink Frame, which served as
the main defender of the Republic. Feeling a little guilty for such a
huge present, Lowe gave the NJC Pack and Freedom’s data to the
Republic, and decided that the Republic needed them more than the Junk

With the new data, another MS variation was created in
conjunction with a newly developed weapon system. Katayoku Frame, just
like her namesake, utilized a single winged engine module and an
upgraded "Xiphias" Rail Cannon. "Xiphias Mk II" utilized the new weapon
platform built within the depths of the space colony, which when linked
to Katayoku Frame’s Satellite Cannon Linking Module, able to launch a
devastating Mini Genesis-like attack. This system was used to prevent
the MS from using the weapon at will (which clearly breaks the codes
and ideals of the Republic), as the linkage can only be done when the
colony is lined in a certain axis against the MS.

Specs of Pink Frame…

Production Model Code: NPL P02-S
Code Name: Astray Pink Frame
Unit Type: Non-Conventional Prototype Mobile Suit
Overall Height: 18.56 Metres
Weight: 55 Metric Tonnes; 62.5 Metric Tonnes (Advanced Intergrated Weapons Support Platform)
Beam Dagger x 2 (Holstered at back), Vulcan "TAG" Laser x 4 (Both sides
of head), Digital Reflective Shield Generator x 2 (Both forearms),
Shoulder-mounted Mobile DRAGOON (Disconnected Rapid Armament Group
Overlook Operation Network) Defender x 2 with Rapid Fire Beam Cannon x
3 and Beam Sabre x 2 each (Shoulder Pads).

Optional Armaments
(A.I.W.S.P.): "Halo (Haro)" Beam Gun x1 (holstered at left thigh),
"Brand" Sword x 2 (disguised as wings of A.I.W.S.P.), "Scorpio"
Anti-Capital Beam Spreader x 1 (Part of A.I.W.S.P.)

Armaments: 360 Degrees Night Sensor Module (Left Green Eye), 200
Degrees Front Spread Low Light Digital Module (Right Blue Eye)

Affiliation: Republic of Neo Pro Lacus
Pilot(s): Zeta Gamma

You can see the rest of the concept art and the test renders below by clicking on them for larger piccies…




Blink and Katayoku will be next…

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