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Neither a Zaku, nor a Gundam…

The continuation of the good old days… Hereby I present to you the R02-D Dual Gundam…

The design of this main MS is heavily based upon many subjects, most notably EZ-8, ZZ Gundam and Zaku II-F2. Dual Gundam was scratch-built by the hero using salvaged parts from various fallen Mobile Suits on REarth (See my previous entry for a brief note on the world of Mobile Suit Gundam: Duality), thus the Frankenstein-ed overall of the mecha… :3

And yes, the red right eye is Zaku II F-2’s Mono sensor… :D

Dual Gundam is named after an experimental Shifter device installed upon its core, which was excavated from REarth after her ultimate fate. While its origin is unknown, the hero managed to accidentally utilise its unique ability to shift to the parallel Earth where our heroine resides, thus the intertwined destiny between the two. They would later exploit this unique ability to travel back and forth between the two worlds, seemingly suddenly disappears before an enemy’s eyes but reappears from its rear for a killing blow. Just think of it like some sort of teleportation…

Dual employs the backpack system similar to F90 series (F91) and Strike Gundam’s Striker Packs (Gundam SEED), attaching different weaponries based upon combat situation. So far I have designed two weapon packs for Dual, one being the twin repeater cannons and the other being the Beam Sabres ala ZZ Gundam (Huge pillar of light, mind you :P). Dual would later be succeeded by another MS called Phase, which its design is never realised…

That was my last couple of mecha designs for Duality… The rest will never see the light. Next I’ll show you the three MS variations that propels the creation of this blog in April 2005… ^_^ Oh, yes… The Gundam Origins: Neo Astray Team… :P

You can see the rest of the renders and the concept art below by clicking on them for larger piccies…


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