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OGD: Original Gundam Designs

Digging deep within my harddisk during my routine maintenance and found these abandoned projects I failed to complete several years ago, which I doubt will ever be unless I got a SNEETS (Sudden NEET Status)…


This was my last render before I’ve completely ditched the whole 3D animation thing altogether…  

This is my original creation, dubbed the R05-A Rosa Gundam, an archer based Mobile Fighter which I’ve designed for use in my own fan fiction of Mobile Suit Gundam: Dualilty (Which I never get to start at all… ^.^;). I based my design upon RACast from Phantasy Star Online and Hanabi’s Koubu F2 in Sakura Taisen 3… She’ll be a support MS for the main MS called R02-D Dual Gundam…

Duality is a combination of two words, Dual Reality. The story goes like this:


The heroine lives on a peaceful Earth, one day she witnessed a tear in the fabric of time and space as right before her eyes, two massive Mobile Suits dropped outta that very space. The two clashed for a while and the victor, Dual Gundam stands before her. Later on she’ll become the co-pilot of that MS and partner to the hero…


This is a story of two parallel worlds, with the other side which the hero hailed from planning a hostile takeover as their Earth (Called REarth here) is but a scarred dead planet… Those guys lived in colonies around the moon and beyond and they’ve already sick of the lack of a homeplanet…

Rosa was supposed to have a sister unit called Rosary (MS Code R05-A-RE, get it? XD), which is going to be based alot upon Yagyu Akane Jubei from Shin Onimusha: Dawn of Dreams… But alas I no longer have the luxury of time… :(

Notice those two thingies on her shoulders? Those are her melee weapons, which when docked together will form her bow. Her ponytail radar dome serves as enhanced sensor which allows her wide scale scanning of immediate battlefield, allowing her to strike stealthily from afar as she don’t need to have a direct line of sight to use her arrows… :D

Oh those leg armour pieces? I deliberately made them to resemble a Miko’s Hakama… ^_^

Here’s the original concept piccie… And a larger piece of the render

And these are her earlier test renders…
Body Render
Colour Test

Will show you guys Dual Gundam next time..


One response

  1. Muhammad Iqbal

    huhu….. the design is sey ^^

    29th May, 2009 at 13:34

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