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Homeworld: Stardust Chronicles

Having installed the Windows 7 RC1 lately onto my primary system, I’ve been digging around my archive for my collections of older PC games to test if they can run on the next generation of OS… Most games had no problem running on the new system, but some do require a bit of tinkering to get them running… One of them being the excellent Real Time Strategy Homeworld 2…

Most RTS from the older days were restricted on ground based combat, but ever since Sierra’s introduction of the 1st Homeworld in the year 1998, full 3D command and control is now possible with massive fleet battles and exploration. To put it simple, most RTS games even to this date only allow your units to move in X and Y flat plane, while the Homeworld series added another Z plane that allows you to move your units up and down at will.

Homeworld 2 is the sequel to this magnificent RTS game with a lot of visual upgrades and the implementation of several new in-game systems…

In the midst of digging up my backup folder of Homeworld 2, which contains all the official patches and unofficial cracks I’ve collected years ago, I found this one user mod that instantly making me nostalgic… Developed by a single Chinese fan, this semi total conversion replaces all units of the original Homeworld 2 game with ships, Mobile Suits and Mobile Armours from the Universal Century Era!

The Stardust Chronicles 0079 – 0083, or officially known as Gundam & Homeworld 2 Mod, fulfills any Gundam Otaku’s dream by allowing them to directly control their fave Gundam units or the Mono-Eyes in a superbly detailed 3D space battlefield, with Beam weaponries and missile racks and huge ass Beam Sabres cutting through the very fabric of space and time, right in front of their very eyes!

Two factions (Earth Federation Space Forces and The Principality of Zeon) are included and many familiar units make appearance, including variations of GMs and Zakus, as well as hero units like GP-03D Dendrobium Orchis and Elmeth, not to mention huge ships like Magellan, Musai and Dolos. There’s no proper Gundam space RTS even to this day that in anyway close to this ultimate game of epic proportion, eventho it’s just a fan made mod!

There are several functions from Homeworld 2 that are implemented into the core gameplay of this mod, one of them being the subsystem function that allows your ships to build addon structures and systems like the Mobile Suit Facility which allows you the construction of MS and Heavy Turrets to deter enemy interceptors. The very same system is used to allow hero units like Gundam to easily swap out their primary weapons with other options like Bazooka or Shield…

The mod also limits the construction of some of the units when another was already built, for example you cannot construct Gato’s custom Gelgoog when GP-02 is around (But of course! There’s not going to be two Gatos around the very same battlefield at the same time, no? XD)…

The mod is heavily unbalanced tho, since the Feddie Gundam units can really take punches and still dish out mass destructions… To make up for this, most of the Gundam units are expensive and are only available once you’ve constructed near end game fleet like the Pegasus or White Base. Zeon on the other hand have many cheap Zaku II variations right from the early game, thus they are more suitable for hit and run early rushes…

BTW, the Feddies get their own secret unit without any unit description, beyond the timeline of this mod (UC 0079 – 0083), which will only be unlocked for construction after you’ve completed all possible development researches (Not unit upgrades, mind you :P)… RX-178 Gundam Mk II, with the optional G-Defenser to turn it into Super Gundam!

Anyways, here are an abundance of screenshots of my skirmishes in the game itself, click on them to view a larger piccie…

Perhaps you’re wondering where the hell my fleet-versus-fleet battles are… Well, since both sides aren’t properly balanced, my Gundam team consisting of RX-78-1 Prototype Gundam, RX-78-2 Gundam, RX-78-3 G3 Gundam, RX-78 NT 1 Alex, GP-01FB and GP-03D Dendrobium Orchis actually wiped out a couple of enemy Zeon fleets (That’s two players to you!) with only one casualty (Poor Alex, it lost its Shield and was shot down when I’m replacing it with the Internal Machine Gun option :3)! A copy of Homeworld 2 is quite hard to get these days, try your local offer bins then! For alternatives, you can try digging the deepest parts of the net for some underground stuff… ^_^ You can grab the mod at its official site or here

BTW, Homeworld 2 does work in Windows 7 RC1 (Same remedy works for Vista system as well)… You’ll just need to find a German No-CD Crack (Due to some reason, the Windows 7’s DEP system is set to automatically prevent the startup of the English version of Homeworld2.exe >,<) and then set its compatibility to work with Windows XP SP3, disabling the desktop composition and visual themes, as well as running as an administrator…


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