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A head start…

Wow, never knew assembling a Perfect Grade kit can be this exhausting… -_- Returning to my hideout after meeting at work, which kinda runs late, I immediately stuffed my lunch and had a brief resting before I started the first PG project…This will be the debut of my model kit review series… :D

I’ve decided to start with Red Frame’s head unit first, panel lining the outer armour pieces as I assembling the parts one by one… While I can usually complete a Master Grade kit in roughly an average of two or three days, Red Frame’s head unit alone actually took me about 3 – 4 hours! No wonder it is called a Perfect Grade… >,<

A 3V lithium button battery CR1220 is required to utilise this PG kit’s light up eye gimmick. I’ve actually got this battery in bulk (3 pcs actually, each one cost me about MYR 7.00…) months ago when I ordered extra light units from HLJ to customise my 1/100 00-Raiser and Cherudim with light up eyes…

While the light unit works, it seems that the circuitry utilised in this unit is not perfect as sometimes it refused to connect…

The completed light unit of this PG kit is to be placed into Red Frame’s head unit via its rear. I’m surprised to find that the light emission is quite dim, as you can probably guess by my piccies…

I’m moving on to the body next… Since the inner part of the cockpit and the body frame is usually concealed, I’ve decided against panel lining them so to save time… This is my progress so far with the head unit and the core of the cockpit completed…

I’m hoping to complete the whole upper body by tomorrow… ^_^


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