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The way of the sword… and shield…

In case you haven’t take notice, look up! XD I’ve finally implemented my long overdue site banner, after much consideration… And a couple of lovely girls by the side are the Suenaga shimai, Mirai and Haruka, the site mascots of the famous… ^_^

Anyways, another update at the GunPla Secret Factory…

The tower shield, a staple for every Mobile Suit in any Gundam series… Red Frame’s shield is pretty much the same as Strike’s, as both of them are products of Orb Union’s weapons manufacturer Morgenrote… Similar to PG Strike’s, the tower shield comes with adjustable handle and a window shutter near the top…

The bling bling-ness of Kiku Hitomoji (known as Kiku Ichi Mon Ji as well… I wonder how it is truly read in Japanese?) is next… As mentioned before, the blade is extremely sharp that Bandai included a protective tape on the runner itself, along with a plastic tube to cover the tip of the blade during display…

A comparison between PG version and the 1/100 version… Look at the size of that thing! Now, will this be considered a dangerous weapon by the authorities if I bring it out to the streets? o.0

The parts for the handle of Gerbera Straight… Learn more about Japanese swords here so you will understand each and every part of this magnificent weapon… XD

Anyways, the details and designs on the Tsuba and Kashira are incredible…

Next is the scabbard (sheath)… The total length of Gerbera Straight exceeds that of the height of Red Frame itself!!!

According to the author of GunPla Secret Factory, there will be one more review so stay tune!

still haven’t got my PG Astray Red Frame, yet… It’s already Friday
tomorrow… Hopefully I can get my hands on the kit for the whole
weekend, satiating my ever growing excitement…
I’ll start my own assembly of MY PG Astray Red Frame, the first thing tomorrow night once I grab the package from my local hobby store! ^_^

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