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Sparkling eyes

Review by GunPla Secret Factory again… It’s coming to an end soon…

With Dullahan around, Red Frame really needs its head… XD… The staple light-up eye gimmick of a Perfect Grade requires a flat button battery for power, which does not include with the package… The battery’s serial number is CR1220 and is one of the same used on 1/100 00 Gundam’s GN Drive Light Units…

While this PG kit comes with a clear part for Red Frame’s eyes, the surrounding areas is unfortunately clear as well, which requires you to put on the black seal sticker. I think I’ll try colouring the area using black marker pen when I’m starting my assembly later… With its mask on, the frontal face of the Red Frame is now completed…

Parts for the cloaked shaped forehead / helmet… This is the main reason I fell in love with Red Frame the instance I met ‘im the 1st time. Too bad the forehead clear visor parts are shielded with black sensory details underneath them… I thought the light-up gimmick extents onto those areas as well…

Here’s a thorough look at the light emitting unit that will be the base for the light-up gimmick for Red Frame’s eyes… After assembly, the piece looks identical to that of 1/100 00 Gundam’s GN Drive Light units…

With the rest of the pieces in place, the head of Red Frame is now completed… The light unit is inserted into the head via its rear…

Standing tall in its own might, Red Frame~! Its overall built looks buffed and muscular… ^_^

Doki, Doki~! Waku, Waku~! ^_^


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