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S2-25: Rebirth

Finally, the last episode of the season… But 00 doesn’t not ends here… An aftermath movie will be shown in the year 2010…

"I am GOD!"

The final confrontation between Setsuna and Ribbons has begun. The 00-Raiser was heavily damaged by Ribbons and was then attacked by the other Innovators, but assistance from the other Meisters evened the odds. In the ensuing chaos, Allelujah and Hallelujah worked together to defeat Healing, while Lockon managed to kill Revive.

Eventually, Ribbons and Setsuna damaged respective ride to the point where neither one can continue fighting. However, Ribbons managed to steal one of  00’s GN Drives and placed it in the abandoned 0 Gundam. Setsuna, in turn, took the remaining GN Drive and installed it into a rebuilt Exia and the two rivals clashed head one once again. After a hard duel, Setsuna emerged the victor.

In the epilogue, the Federation undergone reformation as its new president disbanded the A-LAWs and pushed for better global peace; Saji and Louise rekindled their relationship; Allelujah and Marie left the Celestial Being to search for the meaning of their existence; Andrei Smirnov stayed in the military to preserve peace like his father and mother before him; The surviving Patrick Colasour took Kati Mannequin’s hand in marriage; Klause and Shirin worked as politicians in the Federation Assembly;

Marina returned with the children to rebuild Azadistan; Graham Aker was seen visiting Billy Katagiri in his office; Lockon and Setsuna left with the Celestial Being (who are still considered dangerous due to their refusal to disband) for what is presumably Jupiter and Tieria disappeared into Veda to watch over the world.

"Therefore we, the Celestial Being, will remain in existence… For the future…"

As a prelude to the final episode of the series, Ribbons brought out his very own Mobile Suit, which appearance identical to a Armoured / Powered Gun Cannon named Ribbons Cannon (LOL more crazy names from the oldies), confronting 00-Raiser… As Setsuna tried for a close combat, his attack was reflected by Ribbons Cannon, sending him flying towards the surface of the Colony Ship. To his horror, Setsuna saw Ribbons Cannon transformed, converting itself into Ribbons Gundam, which looks like a mix of Wing Gundam Zero and God Gundam… o_0 Similar to 00-Raiser, this Mobile Suit utilised twin GN drive (On both of its forearms… And I though exposed drive on shoulder is bad enough… XD) as well, albeit of the GN Tau variant…

Unfortunately, just as Setsuna having difficulty engaging this new Mobile Suit, Healing and Revive came to aid Ribbons, forcing Setsuna to a corner… Fortunately, Lockon and the Allelujah / Hallelujah hybrid arrived just in time to drive off the meddling duo… After a series of clashes, the Meisters managed to finish off the Innovators, suffering heavy damages in the process. Ptolemy also suffered a failure in her engine after being struck down by Ribbons when trying to provide aid to Setsuna… Whereas, Setsuna and Ribbons reached a stalemate when both of their Mobile Suit were heavily damaged beyond operating condition…

As Ribbons escape the battle with a stolen GN Drive from one of 00-Raiser’s, he realised his Mobile Suit can no longer battle. To his delight, he found an abandoned 0 Gundam just within the Colony Ship. As he returned to the place where he struck 00-Raiser, Ribbons was surprised to find the absence of the destroyed mecha’s other GN Drive. Instead, Ribbons was engaged by Setsuna, in the latter’s older but rebuilt Exia, named the R2 (any connections to Sunrise’s other mecha anime, Code Geass: Hangyaku no Leleouch R2? XD). XD The two had a final showdown between the granddads of the Gundam line, perhaps one of the cheesiest finales for any Gundam series… >,<

However, I find the final strike between Exia and 0 to be dynamic as both prepared their stance. 0 is undoubtedly mimicking the original Gundam from 1979, and Exia’s running thrust with its GN Drive energy burst at the end was way too cool. In the end, Exia emerged victorious (But of course! Being a third generation Mobile Suit after all, after Astraea… While 0 is the 1st…)…

The curtain draws to a closing after the climatic battle, with scenes of various aftermaths of all known charas of the series being shown one by one… Marina Ismail returned to her homeland to rebuild the country under aid from the United Nations, with her love for Setsuna unrequited; A-LAWs has been disbanded, and a new reformed Earth Sphere Federation with ex-Katharon members being part of it strive to maintain peace had been formed; Saji and Louise finally settled down, with the negative side effect on Louise’s cell caused by GN Tau Particles before finally subsided, perhaps due to 00-Raiser’s pure GN Particles…

And I thought Sunrise will never revive a dead person twice… XD Patrick really does live up to his name for being an undead… He survived the Gaga attacks and managed to keep his Masochist personality up until the end for a comedic moment as he finally took Kati’s hand in marriage… This makes me wonder tho… So Gaga is just a waste of materials and personnel as even their suicidal attacks cannot destroy even a grunt unit… :D

Andrei on the other hand chose to remain in the army, now dedicating his life in the protection of the people, just like his parent before him; Graham visits Billy; Lockoff visited the graves of his family as well as Anew’s; Allelujah travels together with Marie to the unknown; Tieria, now part of Veda, decided to watch the humanity from the cold void of the space at the other side of the moon…

The Celestial Being, minus Allelujah and Marie, choose to continue their struggle, heading towards Jupiter for an unknown future… While what they’ll be doing there escapes my thoughts, but I guess they’re paving a way for future colonists… The question will be answered in the announced 00 Movie, which is schedule to be released in 2010… ^_^

Overall, the whole series can be summarised as a battle between the genuine GN Drive and imitation GN Drive, with sub plots reminisced of  real world events thrown in to complicated things like terrorism, Israeli-Palestinian conflict in the form of Krugis-Azadistan civil war, depletion of fossil energy and corruption in governments… Like many other Gundam fans around the world, I find the second half of the 2nd season to be quite disappointing considering the awesomeness of the 1st season and the early half of 2nd season… The lack of major army versus army battles is also a turn off, for a war driven storyline of a Gundam series…

Anyways, it will be a while before another new Gundam series emerges… Will be expecting a new MG line from 00 series… XD Hopefully Exia…


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