Standing by the hill-side gazing over the Cool Culture of Otakuism!


Less than 1 day left! And also updated its page with a review of the Perfect Grade, including the special gift set!

The almighty package of colossal awesomeness… XD The extra special package is almost similar in size with MG Gundam Version 2.0’s box…

A glimpse at the contents of the main box and a sample view of the instruction manual… They should have printed it in red instead of blue, because this is the RED Frame… >,<

The one-piece hand unit, the very same one from PG Strike’s…

The completed leg, pretty much a mechanical recreation of human muscles… o.0

To support its own weight, several die cast metallic piece were installed into the frame; One for the hips and two for the knees…


Clear armour parts from the special gift set in action!


The side of the abdomen looks like a flat-eyed, huge-broad-jawed oni face… XD


Prefer the solid white armour for the head instead of the clear armour…

PG Astray Red Frame with all its extras… :D

The extra clear armour parts almost cover this entire Mobile Suit, with the exception of its right arm and lower right leg…

A comparison with its PG predecessor and 1/100 version… Red Frame’s inner leg frame is identical to Strike’s… ^_^

It’s now
exactly 17 hours and 7 minutes until release of 1/60 Perfect
Grade Astray Red Frame… ^_^


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