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End game baddies

Offical 00 site updated with end season enemy units…


A light and dark mobile suit colored purple with black, the Gaga are meant to be used as suicide weapons. Because of this, the Gaga possesses very little weapons and are produced in massive numbers for an army of Bring Stabity and Divine Nova clones to pilot. The machine itself was built and designed by Billy Katagiri to have high speed mobility and easy control for the pilot. The Gaga is also equipped with a Trans-Am system, but possesses the same time limit as the Susanoo.

* Straying from conventional Gundam series designs, this ugly little duckling has arms for legs…

GNZ-004 Gaddess

This Mobile Suit is Anew Returner’s personal unit. The Gadess has a similar appearance to that of the Gadessa and Garazzo, however, it is equipped with a GN Sword and 7 GN Fangs. While mounted in the torso, Gadess’s cockpit is connected to the back unit with the GN Drive, and can detach as an escape pod. The Gadess was destroyed by Setsuna while attempting to save the life of Lockon.
*  Anew’s ride that was worth only an episode… >,<


First appearing in episode 21, the Susanoo is an upgraded version of the Masurao. The red components in the color scheme have been changed to white ones, which makes the Masurao look more like an Overflag than before. Instead of twin beam katanas, the Susanoo now wields a pair of solid state GN Blades that can be combined into a double-sword. The Susanoo also has a GN Beam Cannon mounted in its torso that fires bursts much like Seravee’s Hyper Burst bazooka for long range combat. Its Trans-Am system has also been updated and its time limit has been extended. The Susanoo was heavily damaged by the 00-Raiser, revealing the face of an Overflag behind the shattered samurai crest, meaning the unit was essentially a highly revamped GN-Flag. Its operational system was subsequently shut down due to lack of GN particles. The name “Susanoo” (‘素戔男尊’ or ‘素戔嗚尊’ in the ancient Japanese word) is delivered from a character in the Japanese mythology.
*  The colour scheme screams for a GunPla adaptation… Hopefully of the 1/100 scale… >,<


A silver-greyish prototype mobile armour. It is equipped with a GN Particle Cannon, a GN Field, 2 GN Cannons, 2 GN Beam Guns and two GN Grappling Claws. Both these claws can shoot oval shaped shells which are attached to a claw by a long wire, the oval shaped shell is capable of penetrating GN fields and once in proximity with enemy Mobile Suit it releases four more conductive wires, all charged with high voltage electricity. Its design is reminiscent of the Alvatore Mobile Armor which was destroyed by the Gundam Exia. It was piloted by Divine, but was destroyed by the 00-Raiser.
*  The design resembles that of an upper torso of a Mobile Suit, which I thought would combine with another unit to form a Mobile suit mode… But alas it was not… >,<

A dark purple mobile armor with red accents. The Regnant is modeled after the prototype Mobile Armour, Empruss, and piloted by Louise Halevy. In addition to electrified wire grapplers, the Regnant possesses an enhanced GN Field capable of withstanding a Hyper Burst Mode blast from Seravee, and is also highly maneuverable. It also possesses a GN Particle Beam weapon similar to the Empruss, but unlike its predecessor, the beam’s path can change directions when being fired. The Regnant can also transform into a Mobile Suit form, possessing oversized arms with fingers that function as 10 GN Fangs. The Regnant was heavily damaged when a kamikaze Gaga Mobile suit made impact on it, as Louise Halevy was grabbing 00-Raiser making sure that both Mobile suits would be destroyed by 3 incoming Gaga Units, but Saji Crossroad used the 00-Raiser’s GN Micro-missiles at the last moment to shoot down 2 of the 3 Gaga. The remaining one heavily damaged the Regnant and also damaged part of the 00-raiser. Louise Halevy fell unconscious after that and was rescued by the 00-Raiser, so the Regnant was presumably abandoned in the battlefield.
*  Heavy upper body, short legs… XD I was hoping for a docking sequence with Empruss into a Mobile suit mode that’s easier to the eyes but… oh well…

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