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Back-up packing

It seems Hobby Search has already received its shipments of PG Astray Red Frame as its site already updated with sample scans of the PG’s manual and instructions… And here I am still had to wait for another 4 days or so before mine arrives at my local hobby store…

Anyways more
updates on the assembly review of PG Astray Red Frame…

Today’s update is of the backpack and shoulder armour. Like its 1/100 counterpart, the backpack comes as a separate unit instead of fixed on Red Frame’s back. Different from the 1/100 version tho is that the beam sabre handle parts are situated at the back of Red Frame instead of installed on the backpack…

The backpack can be detached from its position and moved to waist level, just like the 1/100 version…

Pieces for the shoulder armour. The amount of details on these parts is amazing. o.0

you can see here, the design for this part is similar to the usual MG
designs… Note on the extruded pointy area near the upper end of the L-shaped outer armour… The 1/100 version features a flat, cubic design instead…

Upper torso completed! Now what it needs are the arms and a head… XD

It’s now
exactly 2 days, 2 hours and 20 minutes until release of 1/60 Perfect
Grade Astray Red Frame… ^_^


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