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Bare spine

More updates on the assembly review of PG Astray Red Frame, albeit a little later than the usual time of posting comparing to the past few days…

for Red Frame’s back, its beam sabre handles and shoulder blocks… The spine frame is what makes this Mobile Suit unique. The
exposed shoulder block also provides a wider range of movement around the joint as well…

The armour piece situated right in front of the abdomen can be swung open as part of the cockpit hatch, kinda in contrast to the design of Strike’s as the latter’s location is situated right in the middle of its chest area…

A grand view from all angles of the semi completed upper body of Red Frame… So its backpack and arms come next… Behold the glory of Red Frame! XD

It’s now
exactly 3 days, 2 hours and 37 minutes until release of 1/60 Perfect
Grade Astray Red Frame… ^_^

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