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S2-24: Beyond

The coming of 1/60 PG Astray Red Frame is nigh… Can’t wait for my package… ^_^

The end is nigh as well for 00-S2, more people shed blood and kick the bucket…

"The ones who robbed us of our future is the CELESTIAL BEING!!!"

The battle between 00-Raiser and Regnant was interrupted by the suicidal Gaga units, but both combatants managed to survive.

Meanwhile, Tieria was killed by Ribbons, not before he managed to fuse his consciousness with Veda, returning the control of the super computer back to the clutches of the Celestial Being. With this event, the Trial System of Seraphim was activated, promptly stopping all Mobile Suits equipped by the GN-Tau Drives on the battlefield.

Setsuna finally became a true Innovator, perhaps exceeding even, and activated the 00-Raiser Burst Mode. Setsuna went into the core of Veda and found out Tieria’s death but no sign of Ribbons.

Elsewhere, the battle between Lockon and Ali heated up and as Lockon shot down Arche, but Ali managed to escape. Lockon caught up with Ali but hesitate for a moment due to Anew’s interruption, but finally put him down with a head shot.

Ribbons revealed his ultimate weapon…

"Ungrateful boy, have you forgotten that it was I who gave you this power?"

Continuing from the last episode, 00-Raiser and Remnant clashed as Saji tried to talk sense into Louise, but was ultimately to no avail… The Baby Bear tried to interrupt the battle but was put away with Setsuna’s precise shooting. Furious, Louise had her Remnant latched to 00-Raiser with a powerful grip, allowing the Gaga units for a direct suicidal hit…

The plot started to rush from here on… Elsewhere, Tieria confronted with Ribbons, debating the true meaning behind their creation as the Innovated; Within Ptolemy, Billy and Sumeragi had a clash of opinion on bringing peace and stability to the Humanity; Lockon and Ali engaged in a furious close quarter combat between the Gundam units; Gun Archer and Arios faced bombardment from the overwhelming numbers of Gaga suicidal attacks; 0 Gundam ran out of backup power as Lasse’s body succumbed to the extreme pressure in piloting the Mobile Suit (Similar to what happened to Graham during his first flight in GN Flag)…

Back to 00-Raiser, all of them survived the blast of the kamikaze attack, and Setsuna managed to extract Louise from the powered down Remnant, urging Saji to bring the unconscious Louise to a safe place. Before long, Gadessa and Garazzo appeared and headed towards 00-Raiser; Ribbons managed to kill Tieria with a multiple shots from his sidearm, bloating his control over the fate of Humanity and Veda; In an unknown area, Louise awakened to find Saji by her side, but she tried to strangle him due to her hatred for the Celestial Being, but collapsed after a severe headache; Setsuna activated Trans-Am mode due to difficulty fighting against the Gadessa Garazzo duo, as if trying to simply replicate the NewType events in the original Gundam series, Setsuna somehow managed to overhear the voices of those around the battlefield…

Fearing and under pressure of possible annihilation of his friends and loved ones, Setsuna finally awakened into a true Innovator, promptly activating a new Trans-Am Burst mode, covering the whole battlefield with GN Particles… With this, the battle turned towards for the better, with the Celestial Being slowly gaining advantage as their opposing force reeled in confusion…

It seems Marie survived her ordeal, with her Soma personality nowhere in sight… As each and everyone within the GN Particle field were able to communicate with each other through psychic exchange, Marie was able to had an exchange of words with Andrei about his father’s deeds… With everyone exchanging feelings with each other, a true understanding between individuals has been achieved, thanks to the power of the true Innovator… o,0
As the GN Particle Field outside the Colony Ship subsided, Setsuna headed towards Veda’s core; To his surprise, Ribbons found out that the Veda has refused linkage with him. It appears Tieria was finally able to wrestle the control during the GN Particle Field chaos… Remote controlling Seraphim, Tieria activated its Trial system, shutting off the GN Tau Drive utilised by the remaining Gaga units, the Mobile Suits Gadessa and Garazzo, as well as the Automatons invading Ptolemy…

Lockoff’s battle with Ali finally reached a conclusion with Arche fell, but Ali managed to escape before the explosion. Following his trail is Lockoff, who managed to finally putting a bullet to Ali’s head after a brief interruption from Anew’s voice during the holdup. This event had me puzzled… Is Ali mimicking Anew’s thoughts during the hold up? It doesn’t seem so tho… Strange turn of event… >,<

Setsuna finally reached Veda’s core, and found out that Tieria’s body is dead and his consciousness has been fused with that of Veda. Tieria finally had a grand view of Aeolia’s plans, and was about to brief Setsuna the information he gathered… As Setsuna reflected on the true purpose of Aeolia’s Plans (as informed to him by Veda-Tieria) during his way out of the Colony Ship, his thoughts were interrupted when he saw Seraphim shot. Amongst the surface of the Colony Ship, a huge Mobile Suit / Armour piloted by Ribbons appeared… OMGoddess that’s on ugly mecha!!!

The final clash of the Titans / Innovators in the next, S2-25: Reborn…

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