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Pelvic thrust

As expected, here’s another update on the PG Astray Red Frame, this time on the pelvic area…

One of the die cast metallic piece goes in here… :D While I don’t possess a PG Strike myself, reading the review on Dalong’s site enlightened me to the design of its pelvic area. It seems PG Astray Red Frame utilised the same design as well, including the adjustable hip joint… Unlike its predecessor tho, the pelvic area doesn’t have a locking mechanism to hold the moving part in place after adjustment…

The moving mechanism in action, altho it moves together on both sides instead of left and right independently.

The pelvic armour pieces… While the crotch armour is empty on the rear side, upon assembly the hollow area is nicely hidden from plain sight.

Pieces for the front and rear skirts…

The side skirts feature a sliding mechanism that reveals a hollow mounting point for the sheath of Gerbera Straight… Both sides have their own mounting point… Mmmm, curious… 0,o The finished pelvic part resembles a certain spacecraft from a certain Anime… XD

PG Red Frame from waist down… A comparison with 1/60 Gundam Exia. The design on this new PG is very complex indeed…

More review tomorrow! :D

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