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Gundam Daichi ni Tatsu!!

Looks like GunPla Secret Factory cannot contain its secret any longer… XD Another update to the assembly of the much awaited PG Red Frame.

Anyways, after much consideration, I’ve finally upgraded my Photobucket to Pro, which eliminates the bandwidth monitoring that replace my piccies with the infamous Bandwidth Exceeded pic similar to the notorious yellow froggie of Imageshack infamy… Thus, no more unwanted image hijacking!

Nyuu~! 8 more days until release… >,<

Exterior armour pieces near Red Frame’s knee… Comparing to PG Strike’s, Red Frame’s leg is much complex, especially with those thruster exhausts/vernier…

The ankle armour pieces… Just look at the details! *Wipes off saliva*

The pelvis-thigh joint point… From the looks of it, the range of movements around this joint will be quite extreme…

Thigh armour pieces on display…
^_^ A comparison between the PG and its 1/100 version is shown as well. The tip of the knee armour has been split into two pieces in this kit in order to incorporate the knee bending design from the previous PG…

The finished leg… Just look at how natural its leg bends into crouching position!

As you can see, the movement on Red Frame’s ankle is a little limited! The kit builder also commented that the whole leg looks bulkier when compare to PG Strike’s… To think Red Frame is suppose to lack in the armour department, according to the official storyline that is… ^_^

Following the patterns these past few days, perhaps there will be a part 5 of the review tomorrow! :D


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