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Red Frame calf anatomy

My Goddess! Just reading this guy’s blog tortures my excited soul… I still had to wait for another 9 days before I can get my sweaty hands on my own PG Astray Red Frame… -_-

BTW, please bear in mind my Photobucket account has finally exceeded its bandwidth limit for the month for the first time… I’ll try to rectify this error soon, considering upgrade to Pro so this doesn’t happen in the future. If you cannot see the pictures at all, please wait until the 22nd of this month for the reset of the limit…

Anyways, here’s part 3 of his on-going assembly of the PG…


Parts for the calves…


Notice the armour pieces on both sides of the calf; They slide up and down accordingly with the movement on the ankle!!! This is a new feature was introduced in PG Strike as a movable inner frame, but Red Frame’s gimmick goes further with the armour pieces… >,< The rear side of the calf reminds me of Turn A’s fin thruster panels… XD

You can really see the maximum angle of movement for Red Frame’s ankle here, which stays true to human anatomy. o,0


Joined together with the knee parts from previous assembly… The armour block at the rear of the knee moves into position whenever the leg bends over.


The new clear parts design for Red Frame’s side calf armour kinda resemble that of a turbine generator, similar to the overall feel of GN Drive… ^_^

And it’s all over… for now…


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