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S2-23: Blooming of Life

The broadband network in my country has been unstable lately, causing many auto disconnections at times, which severely damaged my schedule of downloads… Bah… This is what happens when a single company has the monopoly on a single service, corporate scum…

And here it was again, another disconnection just now… Gah!!!


"What!? Impossible…! How…?"

After dealing with Regene’s treachery using Ali, Ribbons revealed his massive colony ship to the Celestial Being and allies, which he claimed to be where Veda, the original GN Drives and the Innovators were created by Aeolia. The ship fired a massive particle cannon and destroyed most of the combat units on the field.

Celestial Being soon faced off with the forces of the Innovators as they launched an assault on the colony ship. The Innovators deployed an army of Bring and Divine clones, piloting Trans-Am equipped kamikaze units. In the ensuing battle, Patrick was killed while defending his love, while Seravee was completely disabled by the clones.

Elsewhere, Setsuna and Saji confronted Louise and Andrei. After disabling Andrei, Setsuna closed in to the Regnant as Saji tried to talk sense into Louise. Ptolemy managed to enter the colony under cover from the Arios and GN Archer, but the ship was quickly infiltrated by hordes of automatons. Lockon fought a losing battle against Ali-Al Saachez in his rebuilt Arche Gundam, while Soma’s GN Archer ran out of power and was hit by an Innovator kamimaze unit.

Sumeragi took a gun and headed out to face the automatons swarming the Ptolemy, but to her shock she was confronted by Billy Katagiri, the supplier of the Innovators’ Trans-Am systems. Inside Veda’s core, Ribbons was shocked to find Tieria survived, in which the latter trained his gun on Ribbons…

"But it is not for you to decide…"

Thinking itself had successfully disposed of Ribbons, Regene was surprised to see another Ribbons appeared in front of itself. Realised the one it killed is nothing but a disposable vessel for Ribbons; Regene tried to exterminate the other Ribbons, but was shot by the lurking Ali. Thus, Regene’s ultimate ambition was crushed as it fell to its death…

Elsewhere, the battle between the Alliance and A-LAWs continues with the latter suffering major defeat. With the series drawing near to the end, this whole episode was dedicated towards fleet and MS battles between the factions. As the battle raged on, Ribbons unleashed a powerful strike reminisced of the Colony Laser against the Alliance fleet, wiping most of the forces, Alliance and A-LAWs alike…

This new threat is nothing like the world of 00 ever seen, utilising reloadable pseudo GN Drive (The drives glow in red, which indicates they are indeed  GN Tau, the same system utilised by the Throne in season one…) cartridge system, Ribbons can fire his superweapon anytime he want. Furthermore, the whole satellite weapon system is covered with optic camouflage stealth system (Metal Gear Solid? Mmm… ^_^), hiding its existence up until now… Overall, the hull of the superweapon is a direct copy of SEED’s Genesis… -_-

Betting all the odds in this final mission, the Celestial Being pushed towards the colony ship, facing incredible resistance from its variable particle beam cannon defence systems. As they managed to move closer towards the target, the Celestial Being was surprised with the Trans-Am Kamikaze attack from Ribbons side in the form of clone army piloting mass produced Mobile Suits… According to the Emperor I mean Ribbons, they were called Gaga… XD Lame name… With overwhelming odds, the Ptolemy suffered major damage due to the suicide attacks, with its support ship that tags along ever since the beginning of the battle devastated…

With a gesture of goodwill, Katharon and the Federation forces led by Kati moved in to help the Celestial Being. Unfortunately, Kati’s capital ship was targeted by the bombers, but was thwarted by Patrick’s ultimate sacrifice. While I don’t really like Patrick during the first season due to his role in the whole story (Bystander No. 1 XD), I grew to like him ever since his return in this season, however short and few his appearance. Before his last breath, he confessed to Kati, which kinda saddened me as this clown will not be making a comeback again (Since this is the last few episodes, no more possible return from death maybe?). His last scene kinda resembles that of Mwu la Flagga’s death while defending the Arch Angel in SEED series…

In last resort, Ptolemy unleashed its Trans-Am mode and successfully infiltrated the interior of the colony ship. Unfortunately, they were quickly surrounded by the raiding Automatons within the ship… Lasse headed out for sortie in 0 Gundam, helping in the defence of Ptolemy. 0 Gundam looks uncannily similar to the first Gundam, especially now its colour scheme has been revealed… Possible MG release using Gundam version 2.0’s frame? XD

Each of the Meisters was confronted by their own nemesis as well. 00-Raiser was intercepted by Louise’s Regnant and Andrei’s Ahead before it managed to slipped inside the colony ship, while Lockoff faced off with the reconstructed Arche in a losing CQC, piloted by the warmonger Ali… Tieria crash landed when Seravee was attacked by Revive and Healing… Elsewhere, Gun Archer depleted its power, and was seemingly consumed by the explosion caused by the ramming kamikaze units…

Within Ptolemy, Sumeragi prepared to leave the ship into the enemy’s stronghold, but was stopped when confronted by Billy and the Automatons which managed to breach Ptolemy’s hull… Outside the colony ship, 00-Raiser managed to disable the Ahead and forced the Regnant in a close quarter lock. Saji suddenly possessed by Kira from SEED series, spewing out the very same words (The future obtained by winning a battle is not the real future. We must understand each other in order to build a future), as he tried to talk sense into Louise… 0,o

Looks like Tieria survived his ordeal and managed to infiltrate the colony ship, located the room Veda’s in. Ribbons was surprised to see Tiera’s alive, as the latter aimed his sidearm at the Innovator… And so Setsuna will become an Innovator (Light side) in the next, 00-24: Beyond


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