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Development of Red Frame…

More updates on PG Astray Red Frame, with mere 10 days away from actual release…


A couple of shots on the overall box art of the product, including the dull event-limited-type of pre-order special box… >,< Wished they’ve spend some time on the box art of the special package tho… Nevertheless, even this box took almost a quarter of the overall size of the regular PG Astray Red Frame’s package… One can see just how incredible the special package it is…


Ahh the missing Beam Sabre runner. Two in fact. It is labeled as SB-11 tho… I wonder what happened to runner Q? Anyways, the Beam Sabres were moulded in slightly clear pink with some sparkling particle effects, similar to the Beam effects utilised in most of the recent 00 GunPla series.


The assembly has been started on the ankles and the feet… Inner foot frame is actually the very same one from PG Strike’s…


The inner knee frame… Such wide area of movements… As expected from a PG…

More to come!

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