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S2-22: For the Future

An episode full of surprises and randomness that matched my previous speculations on various things… Problem with the lack of massive army versus army battle in this series has finally been solved in this episode, featuring an all out skirmish between the factions. However, with everything moving in a swift, fast forwarded motion, I wonder how the final trio of episodes will ever manage to conclude this series…

At the end of the episode, a brief advertising on the upcoming anime series after the end of 00 was shown, and the title is to be the sequel to Full Metal Alchemist. Although I’m not really a fan of the series, I believe many others around the world will be excited to finally have a second serving of their favourite series… ^_^


"Setsuna F. Seiei… the power that will determine the fate of all Humanity…"

The duel between Setsuna and Graham ended with Setsuna victorious. However, he chose not to finish Graham off and left.

Setsuna and the others reviewed Wang Liu Mei’s information and determined that a fierce battle against A-LAWs will ensue as they journey to Veda’s core at L2.

For this battle, Arthur Goodman managed to assemble a massive fleet to crush the Celestial Being once and for all. Initially, A-LAWs were met with heavy resistance from Celestial Being in the form of new weapon upgrades for their Gundam units. However, with particle disrupters forming an anti-GN Particle field across the battlefield, the effectiveness of Gundam units’ beam weapons were reduced greatly.

A-Laws soon broke through their defence and only an intervention by Katharon at the last second saved the Ptolemaios from destruction. Furthermore, in a reversal of fortune, the rebel forces under the command of Kati joined in the all out attack. With this, the A-LAWs fleet was thrown into disarray. Soon after, Goodman was killed when his flagship shot down by 00-Raiser…

Meanwhile, Ribbons intervened in Regene’s plans by reading the latter’s thoughts, but ended up with a bullet to the head. With Ribbons dead, Regene prepared to put plans into motion…

"It is I, Regene Regetta, who will lead the Humanity to their future!"

The battle between the rivals reached an anti-climatic end when Susanoo seemingly overpowered 00, but was later countered with the Astray manga inspired empty hand blocking blade breaking technique (Although Gold Frame broke Red Frame’s Kiku Ichi Mon Ji using its Blitz Shield Blade instead of empty handed…), followed by Beam Sabre stab and slash. Setsuna let Graham bushido lives, telling him to stay alive for his future… Thus the end of the episode’s prologue…

As the Celestial Being decided to head to recapture Veda’s core after analysis on information given to Setsuna by Liu Mei, the A-LAWs prepared a massive fleet in order to crush their nemesis. Ptolemy had a resupply by the remnants of the Celestial Being, led by Ian’s lovely wife and mother of Mileina. Each and every Gundam units now had boosted power-up equipments, including a functional original 0 Gundam in Ptolemy’s arsenal… Who will pilot this relic I wonder?

As each and every front hold their breath for the incoming decisive battle, we were given a glimpse of every major characters that will probably (More likely than not, I’m afraid… judging by the plot patterns so far…) bite the dust… Marina and her children are now aboard a battle cruiser under Katharon’s care, along with Shirin and Clause. Ribbons was seen with an army of clone during his comments on the current events (Speculated a year ago by yours truly, begun the clone wars has… >,<); Graham Bushido on the other hand was ready to took the easy way out via Hara-kiri but was stopped when he remembered Setsuna’s words… Will this old rival return to the battlefield as an ally…?

Before the Celestial Being launch for sortie, Setsuna was approached by Feldt during his journey to the hangar. Looks like Setsuna managed to raise Feldt’s flag when we’re not looking… 0.o Feldt shyly presented a flower she got from Mileina’s mother to Setsuna, and wondered if her action might have pissed Marina off. Setsuna immediately discounted his relationship with Marina, seemingly acknowledged and accepted Feldt’s affection. Another speculation came true at my part, as I’m a strong supporter of Feldt x Setsuna from the first place… Poor Marina tho, it does seem she really cares about Setsuna in a special way…

And the battle has begun! In the midst of the chaos, we can see the divided Archer Arios turned into their respective Mobile Suit form, with Arios looks disturbingly like a Valkyrie donned with a Super Pack (Macross series)… Cherudim on the other hand had a massive cannon attached too its right shoulder, a somewhat homage to Full Amour ZZ Gundam (Gundam Sentinel)… It seems Lockoff enjoy this new toy, picking off enemies from distance, his forte…

It seems Seravee cannot contend with its huge size, adding several other add-on equipment racks (Missile? Bombs?) that looks like the ones used on Virtue before… Losing its twin GN Sword II before, 00-Raiser got itself a new GN Sword III (LOL Can’t you guys come up with better name for these weapons?), which works exactly like the first GN Sword that can turn from Sword to Rifle to Shield and back again, with another added feature… the massive light pillar Beam Sabre mode utilised just several episodes before during the Memento Mori assault…

While 00-Raiser’s pillar of light attack managed to destroy several ships that were suspected to launch a suicide assault onto Ptolemy, it turned out to be a trap as the destroyed ships unleashed a massive burst of anti-GN Particle field thingies, which severely reduced the effectiveness of Celestial Being’s trump card Beam weaponries… With numbers on their side, A-LAWs soon overwhelmed the like of the Celestial Being, pinning them down in a disadvantage…

Fortunately, Katharon forces arrived just in time to cover the retreating Ptolemy, saving the Celestial Being from total annihilation. The table turned when A-LAWs was attacked from the rear by the remnants of Kati’s forces, now declaring themselves as some sort of Civilian Resistance… As all hell breaks loose, the Celestial Being along with the allied Katharon forces finally broke through the anti-GN Particle field, with 00-Raiser spearheading the offence. In a swift attack, A-LAWs’ flagship carrying the leader Arthur was finally put to rest…

The episode ends with Regene supposedly killed Ribbons with a bullet to the head after the former found out that its traitorous plan has been compromised by Ribbons’ real time mind reading… But is Ribbons truly dead? So now Regene will be the final boss of the series?

We’ll know soon enough in the next, S2-23: Blooming of Life…


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