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S2-21: The Door to Innovation

What a hectic week… For some reason I’m getting more and more tired at doing this weekly episodic summary x review… Only 4 more weeks left, ganbatte, jibun wa!

BTW, PG Astray Red Frame’s advertising has been on the rise lately, guess there’s a lot of fans of the SEED MSV, no? (I’m part of the crew, duh!) XD If you haven’t had a glance at the cheesy PG Astray Red Frame PV at Bandai Hobbysite yet, had a look at my previous post… I’ve ripped the file and uploaded it as an FLV here…


"It’s the same for Louise… I can feel her being possessed…"

Setsuna and Saji headed out to L5 to locate Wang Liu Mei, who had survived the Nena’s attack. However, Hong Long was not as lucky as he sacrificed himself to allow Wang Liu Mei to escape… Liu Mei managed to meet up with Setsuna, giving him the coordinates to Veda’s current whereabouts. Liu Min soon left in a shuttle, which unfortunately was shot down by the pursuing Nena…

Mr. Bushido took the unmanned 00-Raiser hostage, revealing his identity as Graham Aker to Setsuna, and relinquished the Mobile Suit only when Setsuna agreed to a man-to-man duel against him. Louise, who had accompanied Graham, appeared in her Regnant and killed Nena, finally avenging the deaths of her family and relatives…

In the course of the duel, Graham and Setsuna met up with each other face to face in an alternate reality, once again due to the effects of the GN particles. To his horror, Setsuna showing signs of becoming an Innovator himself…

"You’ve finally awakened…"

I love this phrase… "Alive but to be dead again…" as mentioned by a fellow commenter in Ngee Khiong… Felt like some sort of word play or pun… XD In fact we have two in this episode… Now I’m really predicting a rushed ending with only 4 episodes left… Unless Sunrise plans another movie or OVA ala Code Geass and SEED? XD

Anyways, Saji and Setsuna had a little talk concerning the Anew incident, where the latter confessed he had this feeling that Anew was no longer herself when he fired upon her… At the same time, Ptolemy had her power cut off for a maintenance check, and in the midst of the darkness, Saji witnessed Setsuna’s glowing eyes, the every same ones belonged to the Innovators… After the power has been restored, Feldt detected a transmission that pointed towards L5 Eclipse. Elsewhere, we can see Liu Mei and Hong Long actually survived Nena’s attack in previous episode, but the girl was injured. I wonder how did they escape from that blast from Throne Drei…?

Ian is back in full health! As the crew of Ptolemy prepares to approach the destination, Tieria strongly against the idea, but his case was put to rest when Ian explained that the designated point is where the Celestial Being remnants of their destroyed Asteroid base resides… As the place is literally their current base of operations, the Gundam units can receive repairs and further enhancements as well as equipments can be prepared…

Somewhere in Ptolemy, Setsuna and Lockon had a small conversation, in which the latter strengthened his resolve to destroy the Innovators. However, his conscience tells him to kill Setsuna as the first step, and he did trained his sidearm at the passing Setsuna. Setsuna seems to know Lockon’s intention but decided to ignore him, in which Lockon later lowered his weapon, unable to shoot his fellow Meister… Looks like Lyle grew weaker ever since his romance with Anew. Anyways, a lot of forums actually labeled Lyle as Lockoff in contrast to his brother Lockon. I find it strangely appropriate as Lyle is the direct opposite of Neil in most ways. Some other call signs include Lockdi (as in Lockon Little Brother in Chinese) is popular as well… People’s sarcastic comments can be so entertaining in many ways… XD

Last week we were denied the events that led to the Celestial Being’s rescue, and here it is the flash back of 00-Raiser’s one man show, destroying Revive and Healing’s ride (Both of them managed to escape in their pods) and forced the Regnant to retreat after its shield failed to guard it from Setsuna’s attacks… In A-LAWs’ capital ship, Revive speculated that Setsuna might have become the very first human Innovator (a pure one too, not manufactured just like they are); in which Healing finds it very hard to believe… Elsewhere, Louise is broken once again, consuming lots of her pills to retain her composure. Once again Andrei tried to make his move on Louise but the girl brushed off him furiously… Sucks to be you, Baby Bear… XD

Speaking of A-LAWs, whatever happened to Kati and her forces that helped in the defence of the falling tower? Did they just turned to dust? Back to earth, it appears Marina’s song just had a rise in popularity as many places around the world now broadcasting her song of peace… Will she rise to stardom ala Macross? Perhaps using her singing voice to paralyse the Earth Federation and the A-LAWs in the future? XD In L5 Eclipse, Hong Long was killed in front of Liu Min as Nena appeared along with Regene. Looks like Regene decided to start her own faction in the conflict… >,< Anyways, Liu Min was able to escape… for a little while…

Setsuna arrived at the location, leaving his 00-Raiser behind under Saji’s care as he entered the station. He immediately encountered Liu Min, in which she gave him the location of Veda’s whereabouts. As Setsuna returned to his ride, he found out that 00-Raiser has been held hostage by Susanoo, an upgraded Masurao. Finally an appearance after many episodes of absence! Mr. Bushido revealed his true identity to be Graham Aker, and he challenged Setsuna to a fair duel between the two machines. Setsuna accepted his challenge, and both pilots proceed to start their ultimate fight…

More people were dead in this episode. Close to Setsuna and Graham’s battlefront, Liu Mei was finally put to rest by Nena, but the latter was soon attacked by Regnant, piloted by Louise, seeking to avenge her family, which were killed by Nena years ago… Regnant transformed into Mobile Suit mode, slicing and dicing the Throne until only its torso was left. Regnant’s Mobile Suit mode looks strangely identical to an oversized Guren Ni Shiki of Code Geass fame, mmmm… -_-

With a final cry of vengeance, Louise laid Nena out of her misery… With this, Louise going the path of Four Murasame (piloting a huge Mobile Armour turned Mobile Suit) is ascertain… Unfortunately, she broke down pretty much like Kamille Bidan in the original TV series… Lessons to be learned; vengeance do no good at all, and too much pills will certain backfires on you… ^_^ What will happen next I wonder? o.0

As the battle between the two rivals reached a climax, both Mobile Suits activated their  respective Trans-Am mode, clashing their way into another off this world nekkid experience. In this other worldly dimension, Setsuna and Graham finally had an understatement, with Setsuna revealing his Innovated status as well as his understanding of Aeolia Schenberg’s ultimate goal in the first place…

Major kantai battle in the next, S2-22: For the Future…


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