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Red Rumour

A magazine scan of what seems to be a preview of the special manga by Tokita sensei and the special history guide book (A staple in any PG release) that will be included in a PG Astray Red Frame package… And nope, these illustrations of optional armaments for the Astray are NOT the rumoured PG kits that will be released after the Red Frame… However, they can be used as your own references to scratch build your custom weaponries for the upcoming PG kit, tho… XD


Initial release of the magazine scans caused quite a stir in the non-Japanese community, as many of them thought these are probably visuals of the possible upcoming releases of various PG Astray series kits (PG M1 Astray, PG Astray Gold Frame Amatu, PG Astray Blue Frame the Third… based upon the "Top Secret" visuals). However, good natured Japanese proficient fans pointed out the actual facts, with the question marks on M1 Astray and Gray Frame not meaning the eventual release of their PG counterparts, but just another piccies on Red Frame’s manual… However, this marks Gray Frame’s first actual visual release as the only time it was mentioned in any materials was the third volume of the Astray manga series by Tokita sensei…

Note: Some of you might have mistakened that Dreadnought, Hyperion, H-Dreadnought, Astray Out Frame and Delta Astray are part of the same Astray mechanics. Yes, they’re all from the same Astray MSV series. No, they’re not literally an Astray as they only borrow its term of being an unconventional MS, as explained by Lowe in the X Astray manga. Therefore you can say Freedom and the rest of the ace Gundam units are in fact Astrays… XD Fact: Most of the Astrays are designed by Tokita sensei! <3 

Anyways… It’s still a month away until the big day of PG Astray Red Frame… And I’m all sweaty from the waku waku-ness… XD

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